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This Place Looks Like Shelob’s Lair.

Too many damn cobwebs!

A while ago, way back when I first started this blogging hobby, I had a second blog–a microblog which I called “Thinking On The Pot.” I eventually deleted it because it became a little too much to do on a daily basis; not all toilet-time thoughts are actually bloggable, even in micro form. And not all toilet-time is done with the brain braining. Sometimes all you’re doing on the toilet is, yanno, pooping.

While out on my unannounced, extended blogging sabbatical, I thought long about what I wanted to do with this one. Would I delete it? Convert it into a microblog? Switch to Tumblr? Resurrect “Thinking On The Pot?” I still haven’t decided. It had been getting increasingly harder and harder to update this space. I used to do all my blogging while at work, and now that they’ve banned cell phone use in the cleanroom, that disrupted my routine and my ability to think of shit to say.

I had become bored with the random burblings that have characterized my postings for the past few years. A part of me thinks that I need a focus, a direction, a target upon which I’d aim my all-powerful skills of intellect and erudition against the banal trivialities of existence.

But the more I tried to think of a GRAND PURPOSE,

the harder my gelatinized brain became. Perhaps these random burblings are all I am capable of. Thats kind of depressing, now that I think of it. In any case, I’m probably going to keep tinkering with this page, writing lame posts and inserting visual puns. I might find some way to restart “Thinking on the Pot” perhaps even integrate it into this site somehow. I’m still thinking about Tumblr, but I want a new computer first.

So, there ya go. Random burbling is random.

Expect somewhat more frequent postings. Also, watch out for Shelob. I think she’s looking for a new home.