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Rolling in the Money

Figured an April Fools post would be a good way to snap out of my blogging lethargy.  I still think I have peaked, but that doesnt mean the end is now, only a slow decline. Might as well enjoy the scenery while going down, eh?

The title refers to my recent windfall, of which I have been luxuriating in my newfound spending power.  See, what happened is that my company was once a small US medical technology specialist in prostate therapy, and about 3 years ago, it got bought out by a bigger fish across the Pond in London.  One of the perks of that aquisition was the award of several thousand shares of stock to each of us lowly peons.  THEN, that company got bought out by an even bigger fish, also in London, and all those stocks we had were sold and we all got a BIG FAT CHECK.


A pittance compared to modern executive bonuses, but to a working class girl like me, it is a significant chunk of change.  I paid off my car, bought a new computer,


a camera, a GPS, and a less than a thousand dollars worth of wardrobe updates.


(Details for those who like to know:

  • 4 dresses
  • 1 skirt
  • 5 pants
  • 15 shirts/blouses
  • 5 jackets/blazers/coats
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 bags
  • 3 shoes
  • 4 peices jewelry
  • 1 swimsuit)

I also now have a savings account, (ALLELUIA!), and the ability to pursue my creative ambitions.  A great load has been lifted off my shoulders, and naturally, it feels great.  As if, finally, my life is going in the right direction.  Its amazing what a jump on the class ladder can do for one’s sense of optimism. For this year only, I will be middle class, and come next year, I will be back into the working class bracket.  But the good news is, that because of this windfall, I will go into the next few years with a savings account and only student loans as my debt liability.  I plan on keeping it that way for as long as possible!  Not a lot of working class folks ever get that opportunity.

In the meantime, I’ve got plans for this space.  Health reports to report, creative stuff to create, and points to pontificate upon.  Stay tuned!


This is certain to bore a lot of people, but you know what, I don’t give a fuck.

Three years ago, I couldn’t give a fig about shoes. Shoes were just some things to put on the ends of my legs and prevent injury whilst walking. I was content with the basics: one pair each of black and brown sneakers, black heels, brown booties. Like these:

And these particular pairs are at least 3 years old, as a matter of fact. I still wear them every single day.

But then, something strange happened. About two years ago, feeling bored with my wardrobe, and increasingly unhappy with the person I was living with, I discovered these:

Red suede kitten-heel mary janes. Quilted! They became the most exciting thing in my closet. You can’t see it in the pic here, but the strap has a red patent BUTTON. This pair made the girly-girl in me–the girl that never once cared a whit for being “cute” (because she never believed she COULD be, and therefore didn’t try)–squeal a quiet, high-pitched squeal of glee.

Today, still a favorite, but the water damage to the toes crushes my spirit.

After that, some sort of mad, shoe-loving demon took hold of me. I started off buying simple conservative black shoes:

Then I started branching out to less conservative styles:

But even then, I hadn’t gone off the shoe-loving edge yet. Oh no. That took THESE shoes, the infamous cheetah-print “fuck-me-now”s . Once again, in all their glory (and LORD do I love them):

After these preciouses, I started buying shoes with color, texture, fun, and funk. Only two so far. (shoes are expensive) Behold!

Those made me fall down some stairs. Graceful, I am not!

And these I bought this weekend, a consolation prize for having to pay $270 bucks for a brake repair on my POS Saturn (never again American made–Hondas are my future).

Next up on my shoe-shopping agenda:




Snake-skin flats!

Something completely different and artsy! Maybe not this artsy, (RIP A. McQueen) but who knows? It would be fun trying to walk in those.

So there you have it, my life in shoes. By the way, all this shoe fan-dom may or may not have something to do with Stacy and Clinton at “What Not to Wear.” Hmm, hmm, no, definitely not, purely coincidental.

One last picture; my entire shoe collection in its home:

Yay for shoes!

Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!

Ive been sick these past couple days. I don’t usually willingly watch American Idol, because–hello? Deaf? I cant hear how bad or good these kids are–but I was surfing tv and couldnt find anything to watch, and it was on. I stuck around for the end, and Im glad I did cuz the very last dude was a 62 year old General Larry Platt.He performed his own original song, a social critique on the horribleness that is baggy pants.

Marvelous! So elegant in its simplicity, so poignant in its earnest condemnation of pants on the ground. I am inspired to repost my own ancient plea, done way back when (last April):

Dear Dudes;

Step away from the baggy clothes, guys.

They don’t look good on you. They don’t look good on anyone–not the fat ones, nor the tall ones, the short ones. the beefy ones, or the average ones. Neither do they look good on the Black ones, the White ones, or the Hispanics, Asians, or the Indians. Bottom line, they don’t look good on anyone and especially not on you.

If you’ve got an athletic, muscular, fit body, why would you hide it under baggy tees and bulky jeans? If you are a big fellow, with a large paunch or flabby man-boobs, why would you make yourself look BIGGER wearing clothes ten times the size of your body?

Furthermore, my dear dudes, for the love of GAWD, please stop belting your pants under your buttcheeks! Showing off your boxers, layered over your tighty-whiteys, and tucking the back of your shirt(s) into those boxers makes you look like a stupid clown. It’s a ridiculous look, and I assure you, is completely unattractive. It makes your butt look like a plaid bubble. Combine that with your oversized clothes that hide your form like a male burka–it quite literally makes you look like an ass.

An ass with a head.

Don’t get me wrong, men, I’m not telling you to wear tight or clingy clothes, I’m asking you to please wear clothes that fit. That are properly cut to show off your assets and hide your flaws. A man’s good looks rests in his broad shoulders and arms, his narrow hips, and firm legs. I’m begging you, wear clothes that fit you in these areas, that make you look like a man, not a shapeless mass of fabric.

Dudes, do your penises a favor. Stop dressing like ass-clowns and start dressing like men.


So cheers to General Larry Platt and lets all join in for a round of “Pants on the Ground!”

Week of Pictures: Cloth

I dont really have any words today, so this week its pictures!

Today its cloth.

I have a few bundles of fabric that I have yet to make into garments. Here are the photos. Aren’t they pretty?

I’m planning on turning this into a shirt or vest of some sort. Its blue and gold sari brocade, which is a light-weight satin.


This one is either an a-line skirt or an embroidered tunic. Its a linen fabric that is actually more teal than green, but for some reason the light balance on my camera is running yellow, sigh:


And this, my favorite fabric, will become a dress with some draping and tailored details, or an evening jacket, with formal tailoring. This one is also a satin brocade, but heavier and thicker than the sari.


Week of Lists: Wardrobe Wishlist

Yesterday’s post has inspired me to write a bunch of lists. Cuz I’m crazy like that, and I think in lists.

So, I’ve recently developed an interest in fashion. I don’t care about designers and owning brand names, or following trends. I just care about finding clothes I like, in which I feel comfortable and attractive and sometimes sexy. In particular, I’m looking for items that are sophisticated, eclectic, with character, a POP of color or texture or shine or “flair”. I think I’ve got a pretty good start so far. A few examples of outfits I have compiled:

green:white:cat This one is a green satin-like blouse, with white linen pants, and my famous leopard-print satin pumps.

And this next one is a hot pink eyelet skirt with a zebra-print cardigan. A funky combination, I admit, but I like it.
pink with zebra

So, without further ado, here are the items I am shopping for, to continue my quest for the perfect wardrobe:


  • Black cardigan
  • white jeans
  • brown or nude pumps
  • trouser jean
  • wide-calf riding boot in brown
  • black slacks

Beyond the basics:

  • patterned or seamed blouses (most of my shirts are solid-color tees/sweaters)
  • hot pink or turquoise pants
  • brocade dress
  • snakeskin leggings (seriously! I’d wear this with a black tunic over a bright turquoise cami, and black flats)
  • teal or plum silk wrap dress
  • dark berry-red lace camisole
  • Brown leather jacket
  • turquoise camisole

That’s all so far. Any fashionistas with their own style ideas or wish lists?

Right Now…

…I am in my sleeping clothes sipping a glass of cheap wine, and breaking in a brand new pair of shoes.

I got these at Macy’s this weekend for 65% off, but even if they were full price, I would buy these shoes, because, guys, they are so awesome and I just HAD to have them. My name, they called in dulcet tones.

See the awesomeness of these shoes!



Aren’t they just purrrrty?

These shoes are also the tallest heels (3″) I’ve ever worn, hence the breaking in. Also, they are the first animal print shoes I’ve ever worn, and along with my red pumps (1″ heel), are the only sexy single girl shoes I’ve EVER owned.

To be honest, I have no idea what to do with them. Well, WEAR them is a given, of course, but I’m not quite in the dating game just yet. Id like to wear them with something besides a black dress. Jeans and some sort of top, I suppose. But the more important issue is where to wear them? I’m not exactly a social butterfly, and I’m definitely no clubber or barfly either. Are they resigned to the closet until I start dating again? This thought makes me sad.

So, I am sipping some tart wine–not the best reisling I’ve ever had, sadly–breaking in some stilletos and pondering fashion. I’ve become a bit of a clotheshorse in the past year. The complete emotional abandonment of my ex before we split left me with a need to seek physical/emotional affirmation elsewhere, and pretty clothes filled in that gap (unlike He Who Shall Not Be Named, I am not a cheater. Yes, I am still bitter, and yes, I am entitled). In the past year or so, I have managed to amass a not-too-shabby collection of pretty and feminine garments that make me feel a twinge more self-confident. Thats always worth the expense.

In addition to those shoes, I’ve bought a few garments of the type that I’ve never worn before, because back then, they would have been “too loud”, “too frilly”, or “too sexy”. I used to hate dresses and white pants. There was a part of me (and a little tiny part of it is still there) that believed I wasn’t good-looking enough to dare wear cute or sexy clothes. Now I’ve got quite a few dresses (including a zebra-striped wrap dress! Which I haven’t had a chance to wear yet 😦 ) and a pair of white linen pants. And it feels good to be a little frivolous, to play with these garments, and wear them for a few minutes, and sometimes even IN PUBLIC. I do deserve cute clothes, and I deserve them for myself, and not for anyone else.

I don’t even care if these purrrrty shoes make my ankles look like cankles. I love them, and I’m going to wear them in public as soon as I reasonably can!

Also; I have a new post up at Fat Sisters!