Well, shit.

Sick.  I’ve got a damn cold, and I’m not happy about it AT ALL.

So, I’m at home, slurping sugary drinks and making a moderate-sized used-tissue mountain next to my bed.  I suppose its the price to pay for hanging around a bunch of liberals in NYC all day.

I just got back from making a pharmacy run to collect some OTC cold chemicals.  While there I bought a pair of pajama jeans.

THATS RIGHT HATERS, I BOUGHT PAJAMA JEANS.  I don’t care what y’all bitches say, these things are fucking awesome.  THEY LOOK LIKE JEANS!! BUT THEY FEEL LIKE PAJAMAS!!  You can bet I will be wearing these bad britches to work, yo.

If I survive this cold, that is.  DID YOU EVER SEE CONTAGION?

Gwyneth Paltrow Croaks

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