Quick Post

First, I want to thank everyone who helped replace my stolen computer by chipping in and/or spreading the word. You are all good friends, great people, and I am so glad you are in my life, no matter how distant you might be. I’m typing this post on my new computer, and I bought renter’s insurance, so I won’t ever have to beg for money on the internet again. As a bonus, when Apple heard my story, they took off 15% and threw in a three-year warranty program for free! It is quite awesome, and I have so much to be thankful for!

Secondly, I am planning a trip into New York City tomorrow. On my agenda is a visit to the World Trade Center Memorial and Occupy Wall Street. I am currently brainstorming poster slogans and/or pictures. Earlier today, I even drew a cartoon.  I rarely draw editorial cartoons, but this one came out well:


Tomorrow, I might live blog my trip to NYC and OccupyWallStreet, either here or on twitter.  Now, back to poster making!

4 thoughts on “Quick Post

  1. I hope that if you didn’t have one already, that you had enough dough left over to buy a external hard drive to back up your new macbook on. And/or – with the launch of iCloud next week you could pay Apple to use their server farm to back everything up to.

    Either way – I’m happy that you have your new laptop and are back in full form.

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