Easy come, easy go.

Lets see now, where to start, where to start…

Ok, lets start with the present and work backwards, shall we?


My stupid effing car is acting up yet again. This time around its the mass air flow sensor for the fuel injector.  It shorted out, apparently.  Stalled out just as I was getting off the exit on my way to work Monday morning, and sputtered and groaned the rest of the way.  $612.00.  AND since I was in the shop anyway, I bumped up my month-old appointment to get my rear brakes done as well, so the total is going to be $912.00. Plus tax. Maybe its time to buy a newer or better car.

I bought a bike and some video games over the weekend.  I bought the bike to satisfy a long-time longing to be on wheels again.  I used to love riding, but when I graduated college and moved here, my bike did not move with me.  Now, I have a simple, one-speed cruiser with straight handlebars, in a blue 50’s retro style.  Schwinn legacy cruiser for the Googlers.  I also bought the necessary accessories and saftey crap.  $220.00 (Pics forthcoming)

Video games were an impulse buy: Diablo 2 and WOW battlechests.  Oh, and a wireless router. I got sick of all those damned vinyl-covered cords all over the damn place. $150.00

Mid-may, my car’s driver side window fell through the door. Apparently the bolt holding it up broke.  I also replaced windshield wipers and a brake light. $300.00 ($200 for labor).

First weekend of May, I went up to Northampton MA for a gay pride parade and barbeque with a bunch of friends. My GPS got lost at the last intersection and I had to be fetched, and then, my key got stuck in the ignition, which in turn was stuck in the ON position.  Had to disconnect the battery from the starter in order to shut down the car.  My friends helped out with AAA and rides. The ignition cylinder had to be replaced and new keys made.  $500.00.  Towing was free, because I have awesome friends.  I still stayed and enjoyed the parade and my friend’s  company.


My hard-won savings is quite rapidly diminishing. I hate that the money I put aside for the car is actually being used for the car, and I also hate that its being used up so fucking fast.  Stupid american-made piece of shit.


Lets move on to HEALTH:

A lot has been going on on the health front.  No, I’m not sick, as far as I know. I was just finally getting around to seeing specialists for a bunch of chronic discomforts that have been afflicting me for quite some time.  Most recently, I went and saw a dermatologist to get my crap skin looked at.  I’ve had problems with painful infections in certain sensitive areas since my early teens, as well as sensitive skin and run-of-the-mill acne.  So now I am on mild oral and topical antibiotics.

Unanticipated bonus?  These antibiotics seemed to have cleared up my sinuses, which have been congested and drippy since 2006.  I had actually forgotten what it is like not have post-nasal drip.  Last week, I woke up, sprawled on my belly, and felt the strange sensation of cool morning air FILL my nose.   Can I smell better?  I don’t know, I hope so!  Despite that, this season’s wet and humid weather is still aggravating my asthma, alas.  But life without postnasal drip is awesome.

It’s true, what they say, that (for any value of “IT”) you never know how good you had it until it is gone, but I think you also can’t know how good it IS until it comes back.

Beginning of May, I had a physical done. Bloodwork, third degree, pokes and prods, the works.  Even though I’m a fatty mcfatterson with “horrible” BMI, the only blip in my health metrics is my cholesterol. Slightly elevated, which considering my family history and lack of exercize, doesn’t suprise me at all.

Mid-April, I had my thyroid looked at.  It felt firm and lumpy to me, so the doc sent me to get an ultrasound, and they found several nodes, two of which were suspicious-looking.  So a biopsy was done, which sucked balls, I tell you, BALLS. I had the strangest reaction after the procedure was done.  Emotionally I felt fine, relieved that it was over. Then I started getting the shakes, deep tremors in my hands and knees. Then, for no reason at all, tears started spilling out of my eyes.  Even though the only emotion I felt was embarrassment. What the hell was I crying for, yanno? The procedure didn’t even hurt all THAT much. (They injected the area with local anesthetic, lidocaine.  All I felt was pressure and a slight achey discomfort, as if they were prodding a new bruise.)  The only explanation I could come up for it was my lizard brain hijacking my limbic system to express the pain at the violation my body knew it felt. Either that or it was a tension-releasing catharsis response to denied fight-or-flight instincts.  Personally I like the former explanation better.

The results from the biopsy showed everything is fine. My body isnt trying to kill me yet. So that’s the good news.

Up next: dating updates and a bike ride/tour!






14 thoughts on “Easy come, easy go.

  1. I’m very glad your body has decided to let you live, but so sorry about the car, which sounds like a real money-pit. Mine also needs serious repairs, but I can’t afford them, nor can I, obviously, buy a newer car. (Mine is a 1999 model.) I look forward to reading your dating update, which sounds redundant or like an oxymoron or something. Please hurry. I always enjoy your reports from the front.

  2. I’ve always been baffled as to why a straight person would go to a gay pride parade. (Last time I checked, you were straight.) (At least in Toronto,) the gay pride parade was started as a political thing. “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!” But over time it’s become just an excuse to party and dry-hump in public. It no longer serves the function of displaying the power of a marginalized group. Now, the group is just a bunch of people who associate together as a group but not do to a bond of being marginalized.

    But I guess if you like watching parades and men dry-hump in public, then yeah, go for it.

    1. you do realize that PDAs by GLBT are acts of sociopolitical defiance? And refusing to hide or be ashamed is also an act of sociopolitical defiance? That these “parties and dry-humpings” are therefore acts of defiance? And that politics need not preclude celebration or joy?

      Furthermore, why should my sexuality prevent me from celebrating and taking a stand with my queer friends? It doesnt make me any less straight, nor does my presence invalidate their own acts of defiance and joy.

      I am baffled by your comment.

      1. This has actually been a huge debate in Toronto for the past day because the mayor of the city has chosen not to attend our Pride parade. And I’ve been baffled for a day now as to why somebody would be critisized for not going. My understanding, tolerance is what is wanted by the community. I understand their want and need for tolerance. Sure, the community now has it. But that’s Toronto. Other parts of the world may differ.
        My confusion with you attending was to why you would? I’m just curious. “Hey, I like parades” is a good enough answer for me. You wanna support people too, go for it.

        As for the PDAs. I think it’s classless. Not because it’s man on man, but because it’s a PDA. I don’t care what people do, just don’t do it my face. The only time I want to see two people doing it, is when I rent a movie from that tiny room at the back of the video store.

  3. I recently went for a massive checkup myself, after years of ignoring problems or trying to heal them naturally. But I found this clinic that charges on a sliding scale. It’s costing me about half of what my old doc charges, so that means I can get more tests. Still have to pay full price for medication, but it helps a lot.

    Glad your thyroid is good–I had mine out about 8 years ago. I didn’t have that reaction to the biopsy, but I know several people who did. Pretty crazy when your body takes over like that.

  4. Well, now that you have a bike, you don’t need a car! You can be all green and stuff. And if you’re going out of town…. well you can just start pedaling the day before. And there’s the added health benefit of all that exercise. It’s a win-win…. she says, sprawled (alliteration no less!) in front of her keyboard.

  5. Rachel, do you think that working as a rad.technician caused you to develop thyroid nodules?

    1. i dunno. It can’t be ruled out, but I think probably not. You see, my radiation exposure is pretty low (about 15% of max per year, or 750 of 5000 mRems), and in addition, my exposure isn’t much greater than any of my other coworkers, and they are not experiencing any issues, to my knowledge. No, its more likely that I am or was predisposed to developing nodules, and the fact that I work with radiation is mere coincidence. It could be an exacerbating factor, but I dont think it is the primary cause. Also, my endocrinologist didnt seem too concerned about it,

  6. Forgot to add:)Car repair and OBDII diagnostic is my second profession:)Not sure if I could be able to get parts for your car cheaper (from the wrecking yard, maybe?) but the scan and diagnostic are free and labor compensation is equal to 1 pizza:)

  7. Jesus about the car expenses. That’s a lot to have to spend on it.

    I frequently cry after invasive procedures. Two sets of cervical biopsies in particular. I don’t think that’s a strange reaction.

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