Checking In

Still alive, still around. But blogging is drawing a blank. I could talk about my lack of a social life, or my recent adventures in various doctors offices, or the lack of progress being made on the writing front, but none of that interests me right now. If any of you three readers I have left want to know anything about anything, go ahead and ask me a question. Maybe that will tickle my sweet spots.

No, really, go ahead. I don’t bite.


UPDATE:  Thanks dear readers! That helps, cuz now I have committed myself to writing at least three more posts, and posting a writing excerpt for Claire.   Sometimes we–meaning I–need some externally imposed direction.  Expect some burbling over the next week.

And of course, any other lurkers out there, ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING. Help a girl out, why dontcha.


13 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. What are you doing in various doctor’s offices? And how are you spending your time if not writing or dating? Start dating again so you can write funny stories for me and make me feel less alone in the whole single woman thing.

    And, did you see the video in my blog of the woman signing the song “Fuck You” of a few posts ago?

    1. 1. catching up on all the years of not seeing doctors for various aliments that have been needing a doctor. Ok, I promise to write a TMI post soon about this.

      2. I spend my time chatting with my sister online and surfing the internet. Dating hasn’t gone so well. I should talk about that. Okay consider that as part of my queue also!

      3. I did! i’ve seen it before; girl did a pretty good job, for a student!

  2. Haul out your camera and take us for a walk around your neighborhood – or a neighborhood you really like.

    I feel your lack of inspiration – feeling the same way. Well mostly feeling totally frazzled with the move and totally unable to focus.

    Fear not sweet Rachel, this too will pass.

  3. Late to the party as usual but… on the issue of writing – and by writing I mean not blogging – I notice that you and I seem to share a similar problem with ‘writer’s block.’ Yes, I know I’m just mentioning it for the first time this second. So, what do you find is the most effective way of overcoming it, if it can be overcome? Discuss…

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