Still here and unraptured.

As if I would ever be raptured.  I’m an atheist. I have had sex before marriage. I think queer people are awesome, that marijuana should be legal, and women should have agency over their bodies. Also, I curse like sailor.

Besides, I have too much shit to do; I’ve got no time for this ascending nonsense.  I’ve got art to make, a book or 10 to write, movies to watch, and Adele songs to learn.  I’ve recently discovered Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and I’m learning it so that I can hear it without my eyes.  I am also drinking wine, eating fish, and being appreciative of my life and my body.  Even if rapturing was possible why would I want to be?

4 thoughts on “Still here and unraptured.

  1. Fortunately, Harold Camping was incorrect about the date of the Rapture and it has been postponed until 21 October of this year. So you still have some time available. Rock on…

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