A moments rest




I’m sitting on a bench in Riverside Park in Hartford, watching the swift current shimmer under a hazy sun. I’m biding my time here since I overestimated my ETA by an hour.  I’m heading up to Northampton MA to meet some friends for a gay pride parade or something. I’m not sure really what to expect but I am looking forward to spending time with the girls. 
It’s a nice park and there’s only two other people here: some guy walking around with a garbage bag and a dude on a boat.

I’m writing this post and taking these pictures from my new phone, an HTC evo, which I love! I’m hoping it doesn’t publish funny…


5 thoughts on “A moments rest

  1. As a fellow HTC owner I can vouch for how good their cameras are. 🙂 I routinely use mine to take pretty good photos when I don’t have my big DSLR with me.

    It doesn’t handle low light conditions very well, but outdoor shots are at least as good as any compact on the market you care to name.

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