Eggs and the Homogenized Mass.

This morning, while eating my eggs, I had the distinct pleasure of watching John Boehner talk to George Stephanopolos about the looming government shutdown. It wasn’t long at all until my eggs lost all flavor.

Thanks for ruining my breakfast, John Boehner!

Dear Political Persons of Any Stripe, but particulary Speaker Boehner;

Please refrain from uttering the phrase “The American people want/do not want…” while rationalizing your political ideology. It is patently untrue; you do not speak for all Americans. We are not some homogenized mass which you can use to justify pushing your political agendas. When it comes down to it, only the President can really speak for all of us, but even the President would be remiss to do that, because Americans are, once again, not a homogenized mass.

Really, you can only claim to speak for your consistuents, the people whom you are elected to represent, but even then, like the President, you cannot really speak for all of them, for like the rest of the country, your consistuents are not a homogenized mass whose opinions perfectly sync up with yours.

For that matter, while I am on the subject, just because you were elected by a majority of the voters or electors in your district, does not mean that the people of your district, or even the people who voted for you, approve of every single thing in your agenda. It is quite possible, even likely, that any particular voter will agree with you on one thing but not on another.

See, people vote for you, not necessarily because they think you’re the bee’s knees, but perhaps because they think you are a better alternative than your opponent. Being the victor of a campaign does not constitute widespread approval of your platform. Winning an election does not and never shall constitute a mandate, no matter how wide the margins of your win. Being elected does not mean you no longer need to “listen”–if I may be so generous as to use that word–to what your people think.

Therefore, Mr.Boehner and other sundry political persons, you cannot, not ever shall claim the right to speak for everybody.

Most emphatically not yours,


5 thoughts on “Eggs and the Homogenized Mass.

  1. So what you’re saying is there’s no such thing as “political capital”? I ABSOLUTELY AGREE. This is the major problem with the republican party ever since Bush won his 2nd term. That the idea that winning elections means they can do whatever the hell they want. Well, that and John Boehner’s a douchebag. BLARGH!

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