Rolling in the Money

Figured an April Fools post would be a good way to snap out of my blogging lethargy.  I still think I have peaked, but that doesnt mean the end is now, only a slow decline. Might as well enjoy the scenery while going down, eh?

The title refers to my recent windfall, of which I have been luxuriating in my newfound spending power.  See, what happened is that my company was once a small US medical technology specialist in prostate therapy, and about 3 years ago, it got bought out by a bigger fish across the Pond in London.  One of the perks of that aquisition was the award of several thousand shares of stock to each of us lowly peons.  THEN, that company got bought out by an even bigger fish, also in London, and all those stocks we had were sold and we all got a BIG FAT CHECK.


A pittance compared to modern executive bonuses, but to a working class girl like me, it is a significant chunk of change.  I paid off my car, bought a new computer,


a camera, a GPS, and a less than a thousand dollars worth of wardrobe updates.


(Details for those who like to know:

  • 4 dresses
  • 1 skirt
  • 5 pants
  • 15 shirts/blouses
  • 5 jackets/blazers/coats
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 bags
  • 3 shoes
  • 4 peices jewelry
  • 1 swimsuit)

I also now have a savings account, (ALLELUIA!), and the ability to pursue my creative ambitions.  A great load has been lifted off my shoulders, and naturally, it feels great.  As if, finally, my life is going in the right direction.  Its amazing what a jump on the class ladder can do for one’s sense of optimism. For this year only, I will be middle class, and come next year, I will be back into the working class bracket.  But the good news is, that because of this windfall, I will go into the next few years with a savings account and only student loans as my debt liability.  I plan on keeping it that way for as long as possible!  Not a lot of working class folks ever get that opportunity.

In the meantime, I’ve got plans for this space.  Health reports to report, creative stuff to create, and points to pontificate upon.  Stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “Rolling in the Money

  1. What fantastic news! I’m so very happy for you, and do enjoy your three shoes. (I need to ask, though– do you have three feet, or is one of them a spare and if so, is it a spare left or right?)

    Paying off the car is BIG!!! So is savings. I wish I had realized that when I was younger. And I’m so glad your post about ending this blog was a prank.

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