Kill Switch

Yeah, its time to kill this blog. I haven’t been adding any content, so I think its time to admit defeat and never blog again. Ever!

In the words of the immortal Joan Crawford, NO. MORE. BLOGGING. EVAAAAAAARRRRRR!

I’ll probably also delete all evidence this blog ever exisited. When you go out, go out with a bang. I always say.

Thanks for reading, if you’re still around, that is. Its been great knowing you all.

Hugs and Kisses!

14 thoughts on “Kill Switch

  1. Damn – I can’t lurk without a blog to lurk at. I exist to lurk. Ergo, you cannot delete this blog or I will cease to exist.

    My life is in your hands.

  2. DON’T DO IT! Go on hiatus or something. If you’re anything like me, in a month or so you’ll start missing it and want to start over again. It’s happened on more than one occasion with my various blogs, and I kick myself every time I act impulsively instead of thinking through the moment.

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