A Short and Sweet Update

What have I been up to?

  • temporarily suspended all dating activities so that I can re-focus on other, arguably more important things–namely, creativity projects. Online dating is a major time suck. 
  • shovelling. Its been near non-stop snow and/or ice here, all month. The other day, I even had to dig out my car, since one of my neighbors parked in MY clean spot and forced me to try parking in a not-so-great spot; a spot in which I promptly got stuck and had to shovel my car out, so that I could drive out the following morning. Then the next day, had to widen up another spot for me to park, on account of fresh snow and ice accumulations. Also, more snow expected Friday.
  • Added Advil and Pepcid to my daily chemical cocktail.
  • Getting back into the whole creative writing mindset. Slowly but surely. I hope.

6 thoughts on “A Short and Sweet Update

  1. Waddaya mean, your spot? Do you people really expect to shovel out a spot and come home to the spot still empty?

    That’s just so totally beyond bizarre.

  2. Holy crap, I know what you mean about online dating… I joined OKCupid on the reccomendation of friends and now am regretting that decision. Just a complete time suck! 🙂 And not to mention the hell dates….. been on two of them since joining and yikes…. think a break for more productive endeavours is definitely preferrable trying to figure out that online dating crap….

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