Ice Suffices

SOME say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
—-Robert Frost, 1920

[Run-on sentence alert!]

Okay, so far, this winter sucks more than previous winters. I just spent two and a half hours digging my car out of a snowy tomb. The first blizzard we had, after Christmas, dumped about a foot, which hadn’t completely melted by the time the smaller storm last Friday dumped about 8 inches–none of which really melted at all, because its been in the damn low 20s all week. And NOW, last night and this morning we had another major snow storm that dumped TWO goddamned feet on top of that. I had snow piles–from the plows, the shovellers, and the sky–snow piles no less than 4 feet high surrounding my car. I had a gracious neighbor help me out the last two hours of my digging, but that first half hour alone was quite daunting. I looked at it and wanted to crawl into a drift and die.

I know the poem up top really has nothing to do with winter’s crappy tendency to be an asshole, but well, winter IS an asshole, and it hates us all. The world is supposed to end next year, and I think it will end by glaciers crushing us beneath their weight: they did it 11,000 years ago–they can do it again. I’m not kidding. Snow is piling up faster than it can melt!

Ice, people!! Ice!!! It suffices!

On the plus side, it was another snow day. I watched the first season of Big Love on dvd (rented from a local library) and now I am warming up my frozen legs (I sank into snow thigh-deep, people!) in a hot bath. Thank goodness for baths and bathtubs. I may never get out. All I need to make my time in here more perfect is alcohol, chocolate, and a man. And a fireplace with a crackling fire would be nice too, but that’s even less likely than summer starting tomorrow. I would be content with just the alcohol and chocolate. And the man.


13 thoughts on “Ice Suffices

  1. “Alcohol, chocolate and a man.” You are so speaking my language!

    I’m fed up, too. My children won’t be in school again tomorrow, have not been back yet this year! And I am sick, sick, sick of the cold and the gray and the snow and the ice.

      1. You wouldn’t be safe down there. A bloggy buddy of mine in the deep south (Alabama) had about 4 inches of snow and ice at her place from this same storm that hammered us. You might have to move down to, like, Equador or some shit.

  2. Um.. snow ALWAYS piles up faster than it can melt,doesn’t it? That’s the whole point of winter as I recall.

    This said, we have hardly any snow this year, up here in the frozen north.

    Thank you for taking another one for the team.

    1. Well, here in the not-so-frozen north, im used to snow melting in the day or few after a storm–the weather typically warms up again before getting cold and stuff. i’m not used to snow piling up!

  3. Although I currently can’t share the pain of heavy snow (here in the armpit we only received about four or five inches over a 24 hour period – but it was irritating all the same) I do share the disgust with winter. If it weren’t for my absolute intolerance of skyrocketing humidity and fear of tsunamis I would move to Sumatra, primarily for the coffee.

  4. I have Big Love on hold at the library myself! I’m fifty something in line for it so I won’t be watching it anytime soon, though, so no spoilers!

    I just came in from an hour and a half of shoveling myself. I figure I’m averaging about 2 – 3 hrs a day, and have been since the first big 3 hr dig out (with my neighbour helping with his snow blower) last Saturday. I’m literally piling the snow over my head – I have to throw it. It’s just nuts, ain’t it?

  5. Though I’ve never lived anywhere it snowed very often, if at all, this winter and last winter have been extremely cold, for this part of the country. Last winter, in particular, temperatures here in Pensacola reached all-time lows. Though I do believe this planet is going into a warm phase–this bizarre cold certainly tests my believe.

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