Its a New Year, follks!

Yeah I know I’m a week behind the whole new years trend, whatever. This is MY blog and whatever, I do what I want.

I’m in my bathtub writing this on my Blackberry via the new app I just downloaded, and oh it is so very sweet. If anyone from WordPress is reading this, I love you and your new app–I have a feeling this app is going to make my blogging life so much easier.

Back in the begining of December I posted about My pre-resolutions and I just know y’all are wondering how well I’ve done! Let us review, shall we?

PRE-Resolution #1: Exercize: FAIL.
Let’s not speak of this further.

PRE-Resolution #2: Dating: WIN.
Since that post I have gone on FOUR dates, two with the same dude, so that’s three poor saps who had the pleasure of making my acquaintance. At this writing, it seems likely that I will be seeing at least one of these fellows another time soon.

PRE-Resolution #3: Blogging: WIN?
I blogged more last month than in the two months prior, so that’s a win, but I don’t think I blogged as often as I wanted to. Hopefully, this new Blackberry app I’m using will make me more productive.

PRE-Resolution #4: Creativity: FAIL.
I did a lot of thinking and plenty of note-taking, but not a lot of actual creating. Well, I was very distracted and busy with dating, so, its not my fault.

PRE-Resolution #5: Thrifty: FAIL.
But let’s be honest here, it was DECEMBER, crying out loud. Gifts to buy, food to make, friends to see, dudes to meet. At least, I did not empty out my pocketbook.

Well, two wins and three fails. Let’s not speak of this further.

What’s in store for me the rest of the year? The good news is, looks like plenty. I’ve got a windfall coming my way (more on this later), and I am making a metric ass-ton of lists. Lists of books, lists of projects, lists of places, lists of fixes, and lists and lists and lists of tools and toys.

In addition, I will still be striving to exercise, date, save, create, and of course blog about everything.

My New Years Resolution is eliminate FAIL from my lexicon and make this year full of WIN.


11 thoughts on “Its a New Year, follks!

    1. Good idea!

      Something like this?:
      Win level 1, Win level 2, etc. to Win level 5?

      WIN1=barely a win
      WIN2=not too shabby
      WIN3=good job, keep going!

  1. Well, actually #4 is just a semi-fail, since you were stuck doing all that dating.

    As for #5, I consider it only a semi-fail also because you can’t thrift in December.

    Which brings you down to one fail rather than two.

    So it’s all win-ish.

  2. Oh squeal! We are, like, total post buddies today. Well, technically yesterday now. But still! Totally doing that whole great minds think alike thing! We should totally be doing each other’s hair and stuff.

    1. will you put curls and a fascinator in my hair? OOH and maybe put some hot neon blue hair dye in too? Ive always wanted fucky-cool hair!

      I only know how to french braid, sorry.

  3. Seems like you’re doing alot better than most people though!

    I try to avoid making resolutions, any time of year–the more intensely I plan to do something, the less likely I am to do it. My first year in college, I set myself up for a breakdown this way. I expected to make straight-A’s, to find a girlfriend, and to join a fraternity, all in one year. Finding a girlfriend and joining a fraternity are two expectations over which one has no control–they depend on others. Making straight-A’s depends on oneself–but is still unrealistic if one has not made straight-A’s before (which was the case with me)!

    I guess my point is that resolutions are expectations one places on oneself–and they can easily become unreasonable. For me anyway, the less I plan, and the more I do on impulse, the better.

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