Liveblogging the NorthEast Snowmageddon 2010: Day 2: The AFTERMATH.

6:30am: I wake up at my appointed workday hour, look out the window and see wind thick with snow and a drift knee deep on my walkway. I turned around, called into work, and went back to sleep.

9:30am: Lazy snow day, SCORE. I wake up for real and bundle myself up to see the damage.  The blizzard is I suppose technically over. its still windy and cold as HELL, but the snow is really light.  The roads are “plowed”–meaning that its theoretically driveable with sand and shit mixed in, but they aren’t clear. No, the roads are covered with an inch-deep coating of churned up sandy snow.  My neighbor/building handyman has been busy shoveling and the walk ways are clear.  My car is buried. I asked the dude shoveling if he had another shovel. He said no and offered to dig out my car for me, which works for me.

Conclusion: not only do I need snow boots, I also need a shovel.

Here, have some pics.


6 thoughts on “Liveblogging the NorthEast Snowmageddon 2010: Day 2: The AFTERMATH.

  1. Bleargh.. I hate the thought of going home to this… she types as she looks at the bougainvilla blooming outside the window beside the grapefruit tree.

    I think I’ll go shoot myself now..

  2. Holy shit! We’ve had a little snow this year, but nothing even remotely in this category of suckiness. lol

    I too need snowboots. And a scarf. And some gloves. I do have a big wool peacoat now, though. 🙂

  3. Yigh, that’s a lot of freaking snow. We’ve had an unusual amount for us, but right now just rain.

    I read through that exchange with the online guy and had to laugh. Poor clueless guy – I doubt he’ll ever get it right unless he does a serious attitude overhaul.

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