LiveBlogging the NorthEast Snowmageddon of 2010

So all day yesterday, Christmas Day (MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY), various news outlets on air and online hummed with mild panic over the first snow of the season (for us North Easters, that is), due to arrive today. “BLIZZARD WARNING! 10 to 20 inches!!!ELEVENTY!!!”)

6:45am: I wake up, put on my shoes and hat and coat and head off to the market to buy food. No snow yet. The air is crisp, grey, and utterly still. The proverbial calm before the storm.

7:00am. Arrived at the market. Parking lot’s already full! I buy chopped beef, chicken breasts, fruit and frozen veggies. I also rent two movies from Redbox: “Easy A” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”

8:00am. Return home. First tiny round pelletx of snow begin to fall, drifting lazily towards the earth along still pathways in the air. Air is still grey, crisp and still. I throw out trash and put away food. The weather channel’s ever-present anxiety has ramped up a couple notches to mild panic.

9:15am: The sky is still a cold looming grey, but no change from scattered pellety snow. So far, quite disappointing. Wind is picking up, though, and temps feel like they are falling. Thats even worse than snow, imho. Time to fire up the crock pot.

11:45: Snow is finally starting to show, with trace accumulations. ZOMG SNOWMAGEDDON. Also starting to feel a little cooped up already, and so I’ve started to clean up a little in here. Picked up all my dirty laundry.

12:50: Floor is picked up. Also, this:

3:30: Storm is here for real now. Wind and snow and all that shit. The headless chickens at the various news stations are clucking their heads off about the blizzard due to show up sometime after sunset. “12 to 18 inches, OHNOES.” Excitedly showing the feed from the trafficams. Road looks wet. Oh look, there go a couple of cars! Its DANGEROUS OUT THERE, FOLKS. I took a warming bath earlier and finished my beef stew braised in red wine. It came out ok.

Also, I need snow boots.

4:40pm: Find myself watching Bridalplasty. Goddamn it. This show is horrible and what the hell is WRONG with these girls? I really hate shallow, materialistic, and manipulative people. I really need to watch something else. Oh, wait…DRAMA…

Oh, sorry, I digress. Storm is ramping up. Sun has set and wind is really getting some speed to it. The snow is now slippery and the flakes are getting fatter. NOW, finally the hype has some meat to it.

Looks to be a 1/3 inch. Doesn’t look like Snowmageddon yet. Wheres my blizzard, man?

6:00: Okay, I guess, technically speaking, its blizzard conditions outside. Howling wind, icy temps, sticky-ass snow. Not quite white-out status out there, yet, and its only accumulated an additional half inch or so. In my mind I sorta see “blizzards” as being thickly blowing snow with drifts 10 feet high and, and dead animals sinking in piling white stuff. Maybe a zombie here and there. So even though its technically a blizzard, it still feels kinda wimpy to me. Too dark for a picture. I am now watching “Easy A” and so far I like it. Character has that charming quirkiness of “Juno.”

7:30: Finished “Easy A”. I give it a B-. Cute movie, well-written. Good story. but not one I would go out of my way to own. The kind of movies I own are more adult and intense, like Lord of the Rings, Fight club, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Princess Bride, Finding Nemo. I think the lamest movie I have in my collection is….lemme go look….okay, I’m back, is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. “WHOA, DUUUDE. Bogus.” Or maybe Bedazzled with Brendan Frazer and Elizabeth Hurley. Kind of a toss-up. But I like those movies anyway, so shut up. Well I dunno, if I had a gift card for FYE I would probably buy “Easy A” if I had money left over after buying the movies and DVDs I want first.

On the Snowmageddon front: it sucks out there. Blergh.

Pretty pic:

Snow looks cute and peaceful, doesnt it? WELL ITS NOT. Here, see the wind gusts:

Plus, baby its fucking cold outside. And the snow feels like ice–which, technically it IS, so that was kinda redundant, but you get the point. This just might be the last set of pics for the night, until tomorrow morning.

9:30: There is a 10 foot snw drift outside my door! Okay, maybe its not 10 feet, maybe more like 10 inches…or so. Maybe it will be 10 feet in the morning?  Stay Tuned: its my bedtime! Im gonna take a hot shower then crawl into my cold, empty bed piled up with 6 blankets and comforters.

Will there be a 10 foot snow drift blocking my door in the morning? Will I be going to work? Neither is looking likely. STAY TUNED!


16 thoughts on “LiveBlogging the NorthEast Snowmageddon of 2010

  1. You’re in for it. Can you even open your door? Have you got enough food to make it through?!

    There’s even snow falling across my computer screen here!

  2. I’ve already made the decision, for once, that my life and health are actually important. Therefore, I am not risking the drive tomorrow, I just live too far for any kind of comfort in this weather. Sorry Oxford…I will not be honoring you with my presence tomorrow. But fear not Rachel, I will be back!

  3. You’ve captured the progression of the storm very well. Yes, it does seem overwhelming, to say the least. I must admit, however, that the “blue” photo is beautiful!

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