Xmas in NYC 2010 in Pictures

So I went off into the City for a little fresh air and Christmas Holiday sight-seeing.  I went with two of my bestest friends, Kris and Ange.   Times Square, Hard Rock Cafe, Aaron Faber Gallery (my favorite art gallery in NYC), a cab-ride to lower east side to visit a gluten-free cupcake factory called Tu-Lu’s, then Macy’s windows, Bryant Park, and Rockefeller Center to see the great Tree.

Slide show:

ADVERTIZING BLAST!!  Note: I have not been reimbursed by any of the above imaged companies for posting this pic onto my blog.

Rum, oh how I love thee. Hard Rock Cafe.

One of many packs of Santas (and Elf) roaming the streets, causing trouble for all concerned.

OMNOMOM. REALLY AWESOME CUPCAKES HERE.  Note: I am not being reimbursed for singing Tu-Lu’s praises. They are just really good, and we need more gluten-free dining options EVERYWHERE.


At the fountain in Bryant Park.

The tree at Bryant Park.

And finally, the tree in Rockefeller Center.


Also, the normal population of the island is 8 million, but I’m SURE–so sure, I would bet on Santa’s frozen nuts–that there were 10 million people in NYC on Saturday.  The crush of human flesh was like…like…I dont want to use the sardines in a can cliche, but thats all that’s all I can think of.  IT WAS LIKE SARDINES IN A CAN OVER THERE, PEOPLE!  SARDINES.  In a CAN!


And how was your weekend?




6 thoughts on “Xmas in NYC 2010 in Pictures

  1. Bryant park, been there done that. Rockefeller, been there done that. Not at Christmas though.
    Didn’t do the gluten free bakery either. I found a bakery that had awesome cupcakes called Buttercup Bake Shop. As I can eat gluten, I don’t make gluten free a stop on my itinerary.

  2. Beautiful pictures! It’s funny how being in the center of the nation makes NY and LA seem like a fiction devised by the networks to have cool places to set all their shows. Doesn’t seem real to me.

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