Bits and Bobbles

I’ve meaning to post about my Nano adventures sooner, but I found myself strangely relucant to admit abject FAILURE. It seems that Nanowrimo and Rachel’s Muse just don’t get along. I mean, the incentive to write daily is good, but the pressure to write so much every day is–not so good. I don’t do well with pressure; it ends up feeling like a chore, and I start to resent the whole business, including especially the Muse and the Idea itself. No, I don’t think Nano sits well with me.

So. Why am I blogging that today instead of yesterday or tomorrow? Two reasons:

Reason the First: Novemeber had become a giant albatross around my neck and I wanted it to go far, far away, and

Reason the Second: The Rejectionist announced an UNCONTEST for today, to post pre-resolutions to try out before the New Years. It seemed a good reason to blog on this day instead of another.

So without further ado, my PRESOLUTIONS!

1. Exercize more: Stop wasting money paying for a gym I never use, and start USING IT. Three times a week really isn’t too much to ask. SWIMMING!! BIKING!! ZUMBA!! Exercise is good for us.

2. Date more: Stop dinking around. Be bold! Be brave! Be brash! What’s another rejection at this point? Obviously its not gonna kill me. GO!

3. Blog more: It doesn’t have to be much. A paragraph isn’t that hard to do. It doesn’t have to be brilliant. Some of my more genius posts are actually quite inane.It doesn’t even have to make sense. Just get shit off my chest and update this place once or twice a week. That’s not hard! BLOG!

4. Write and Design more: Do I really want to waste three hours a day on the interwebs for the rest of my life? No, not really. Work everyday, a little or a lot, as long as it is daily. How hard can that be? What,”Nanowrimo”? I don’t know what you’re talking about. CREATE!

5. Save more money: Right? RIGHT!

Okay, that is all. Toots!


16 thoughts on “Bits and Bobbles

      1. yes, the world is coming to an end,
        or more accurately, I found a woman who is just the right combination of crazy and naive.

        And try clicking my name on the comment.

  1. No, I don’t think Nano sits well with me.
    Dude! I’m so with you on this. I think we should make our own Nano-type event for people who can’t handle pressure. Do you think we could get anyone to participate?

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