NaNoWriMo! About “Tweed”

I’d doing NaNoWriMo this year! I did it in 2008 and I’m trying again.

Last time I wrote a sword and sorcery fantasy which I have been in the process of revising and rewriting. This year, I am exploring the darker side of humanity; What is Evil? What makes otherwise civilized people into monsters? What happens when anger, hate, fear take control over our thoughts? And how do all our relationships play a part in the battle for good and evil within ourselves?

This book was inspired by the results of a writing exercize I did in 2008, called “Jack Ripkin”, which I posted here.

I am going far outside my typical genre with this one. It is not a fantasy, but more like an experimental crime noir type literary fiction. I am calling it TWEED, after the central prop or “mcguffin” that ties the lives of my many characters together; a old brown tweed coat, which the above character, Jack, stole. Every chapter will be in deep point of view as it moves back through time through the minds of each doomed character coming into possession of the coat. How did it come to be, and why is it cursed?

I started it on Monday after work and wrote 700 words about Victor, who had just killed his wife. I finished a rough draft of the chapter yesterday, sweating out 1243 words. It is a dark and disturbing chapter, deep in the mind of a dark and disturbed mind, but I found it strangely compelling–if difficult–to write.

I am a day behind in daily quota, but after I publish this post, I start on Carolyn’s–Victor’s wife–story. What madness is in her heart, I wonder? Who will she inherit the coat from?

I’ll be keeping this site updated as I progress! Watch for the monkey!


8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo! About “Tweed”

    1. I wanted something short and punchy, yet obscurely related to the novel in a way that becomes OBVIOUSLY related once you get into the book a few chapters in. I think TWEED works.

    1. ha! well thanks for the help, but I think I really want to have english that actually pertains to my characters making up the body of my text. Thanks anyway.

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