In Which I Plug a Guest Post

I wrote a guest post for the Rejectionist, which I am proud of, since I was able to put my rusty critical thinking skills to use (seriously, very rusty). What did I think so hard on? Well, quite some time ago, the redoubtable Rejectionist, whom we all fear and love, posted this post and asked us all:

Let’s say you are a lady. Or a person of color. Or a queer person. Or a trans person. Or a person living with a disability. Or, god forbid, a disabled queer trans lady of color. Or one of any number of other kinds of people (hint: the not white-heterosexual-able-bodied-male kinds of people) whose experiences are often overlooked in fiction! BUT you are also a person who greatly enjoys READING fiction! How do you deal? Where do you draw the line on what’s too repudiating of your life/experience/body to tolerate, and what do you give a pass ’cause you love the story so much? How do you read stories that are most emphatically not about you, and in which you may even appear as a character who is objectified, represented in really stressful ways, or erased altogether? Do you eschew “classic” or “canonical” stories that may be racist/misogynist/heterosexist/etc., or do you embrace them with reservations? Do you love a genre that has a nasty history of sketchy politics (AHEM SCIENCE FICTION)?

And since I am a deaf chick who loves to read, why, I just had to put in my two cents. And the Rejectionist liked it! So, go read it here.


8 thoughts on “In Which I Plug a Guest Post

  1. Nicely done. I’ve never liked any writing that reduces a person to one aspect of themselves although I’d not thought of it from a disability perspective. But now, I’m trying to imagine a cool outfit with cape, of course, for a character named “Supercrip.”

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