There Was A Mighty Duel!

I live in an old neighborhood and my building is a very old edifice of wood, stone, and tar. There are lots of nooks and crannies, rusty tin things, and overgrown thickets of weeds. Perfect ecology for tiny creatures and things that make me go “HOLY FUCK, GET AWAY!”

But these two guys were much too preoccupied with an epic battle to try and frighten me. It was a shock to come across this scene: an itty bitty spider and a fat ol’ beetle, locked in an epic struggle of survival. They are still going at it as I write this. Last I saw, Spidey was punching Scarab in the face, and poor old Scarab was crying (I swear I saw tears; the dude was wet, and this area hasn’t had any rain). I took a couple still photos and a couple 30-second movies with my Fujifilm FinePix S700.

They were kung-fu fighting!

Creeped out, but I could not. Walk. Away.


8 thoughts on “There Was A Mighty Duel!

  1. That is one nasty ass spider! Nasty…kudos to you for even being able to stand there and watch. I was creeper out just by your disgusting video. I’m rooting for that poor beetle!

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