The Start of August Brings…

…the August Break! Thanks to Jazz for the tip.  For those too lazy or attention-deficited to click through, The August Break is the brainchild of photographer Suzannah Conway, in which we capture and post one photo a day onto our blogs. So, laisse commencés va! (Did I get that right, Jazz?)

Today’s pic is of a bunch of aquatic grasses floating in the Connecticut River. I actually took this picture two years ago, so I’m cheating the game a little, but I had no time to take pics this weekend.  So what did I do then?

To wit:

Friday:  I came home from work and surfed the internet, drank a glass of wine, took a bath, went to bed.

Saturday: I slept in, did some shopping–I bought a dress and a shirt at the Dressbarn–went over to my sister’s house and hung out–we bitched kvetched chatted, we watched a tivo’d episode of Hell’s Kitchen, we bitched kvetched chatted some more–then I met up with a deaf friend of mine at Chili’s for a drink–I had a patron margarita–where we chatted AND bitched.

Sunday(today): I slept in more than usual and woke bleary eyed, washed my kitchen and made a shopping list, got dressed in my new dress headed out to lunch with new people (deaf and hearing) from, where we introduced ourselves and chatted and made all manner of small talk insomuch as people with an American Sign Language and English language barrier can be expected to have.  I had a salad and a ginger ale. After 2 hours of shooting the breeze with strangers, trading Facebook friend requests, we parted ways, and I did my grocery shopping.  I came home, had a rootbeer float, chatted with my Mom and Dad, my Sister, my friends Justin and John, and now blogging.

No offense to anyone, but I think I’m all talked out.  Good thing August is photoblogging month.


5 thoughts on “The Start of August Brings…

  1. Talking can indeed be overrated. And, um… what were you trying to say so I can tell you if you’re saying it right? Yeah, cause it really doesn’t make much sense at all really.

  2. Those meetups, I find, can be a lot of fun or deadly, depending on the group of people involved. I’m sort of following this idea, too – my photos are from last weekend. I don’t want to tie myself to having to take a picture everyday, but I can post them.

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