Adventures on the Internet!

Yeah, I got nothing.  I COULD be, yanno, writing my fiction, but instead I’m making use of the first consistent internet connection I’ve had for two months and surfing the webz.  Come along with me, my friends.

I think I am like “Neville” on this page.

Well, thanks to Jazz, I already know I want to visit France, but these pics dont help make that desire less painful.

This is a pretty cat to be sure, but I am not sure what makes this image notable enough to be flagged for a stumbler?
OOH. A place to read and get my socialist groove on during downtime at work!

Now, THIS one made me go “Aww!

A great story with a great punch line.


Ok, I know its corny, but it made me laugh.

Self-explanatory. Definitely laugh-worthy. This site usually is.

This blog is going on my RSS feedburner.  My cat also used to like to push things off edges. Red m&m’s in particular. But now, she is very old and just sleeps all day.

Very interesting portraits!

Ok. One last link, then off to bed!  How appropriate; a writing blog. A pretty interesting one too.  Is the Universe telling me I should stop websurfing, you think?


7 thoughts on “Adventures on the Internet!

  1. First off: Like te new look. Have I started a trend?


    – That first link is fucking briliant. I sent it to 5 people. Maybe one or two will get it. The others will think I’m insane.

    – Coliour is such a great place. We need to go to France together.

    – Evil cat. That’s the hook but obviously the flagger doesn’t have cats.

    – Awww… meh… I’m not big on cute. What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m a girl after all…

    – i can’t help but wonder whether this is a real experiment. It probably is. That’s fucked up beyond any cruelty I’ve ever seen. Maybe I should get out more.

    – I want that alarm. NOW. And I’m not deaf. This morning I was woken by the sound of Mel Gibson going ballistic. That’s not how I want to wake up. That’s not even something I want to know about. I want the ring. It’d be my precioussssssssss.

    – Oh yeah. Corny. But… wait, were we separated at birth?

    – My cats ate my flowers. To the point Mr. Jazz stopped bringing me flowers because of the broken vases and messes of water. We had to put them in places the cats couldn’t get to them, and we couldn’t see them. We never go back into the habit of flowers. On the other hand, it costs us a lot less.

    – Pepijn is only there because he’s hot.

    – The fact that there’s a spelling mistake in the first sentence I saw turns me off. It’s PEEKING!!!

    That’s all I have to say and I’m sticking to it.

    Oh, and BB (and I’ve drunk just a bit too much wine to do the link right so you’ll have to cut and paste: is in France right now. For 7 weeks (um… 6 now) if you want to see pics….

  2. Well, I guess being deaf would make France less annoying. Don’t have to listen to those uppity French jerks in all their uppity French jerkieness.

  3. I’ve been to Paris, France and wasn’t quite impressed. Would like to go back to Italy – Rome. If only I had money.

    Will check out the pics of France, now!

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