This is Where it All Happens

I’m on vacation! And no, I’m not doing anything special. Honestly, if you only knew just HOW MANY people have asked me “Whatcha doing?” or “Where ya going?” or “Got plans?”–I’m sure you would not have restrained me if I had decided to get bitchy. But I didn’t get bitchy. I stayed polite. I swear.

No, my only plans this vacation (July 1– July 11, squee!) are to sleep in, read books, swim at the pool and/or the beach, spend some time with friends and family, and write. I had a bit of an epiphany regarding the old novel I keep coming back to. I’ve come up with that BIG IDEA that will give this book or series its distinctive character. At last! That’s the good news. The bad news is I have to go back to the beginning and rewrite 75% of my text, and delete 15% of the remainder. I did much of the deleting and restructuring today–er, its 1:30am, so I mean YESTERDAY–and I have cut approximately 15,000 words from my original manuscript. It now stands at 17,210 words, and most of it needs to be rewritten. My heart quails at the task ahead, but I can see the light.

On a lighter note, I have recently discovered this excellent blog, the Rejectionist, a blog written by an literary agent’s assistant. Every post is a treasure trove of insights, tips, and humor. Check it out. Anyway, today, the Rejectionist is hosting a Writers Corner Day in which writers post pics! Of their writing corners! Where writing gets done! (Update! heres the link to the actual Writer’s Corner thread!) Here’s mine:

Yes, I really DO keep it that tidy. I find that I cannot focus on my work when there’s shit everywhere. I keep the clutter in the kitchen where it belongs.

So what are the things in the picture, you might ask? From left to right, ground up:

  • A filing cabinet, wherein all my genius is contained. And also old school essays, tax forms, utility statements, and bills.
  • Desktop organizers, to organize notes and notebooks and post-it notes.
  • My current notebook, where I write my random wordy scribbles for future transcribing into the computer. There are several different colored highlighters on top.
  • My Blackberry. It has nothing to do with writing, but its there nonetheless.
  • A stack of freshly-printed rough draft manuscript. 70 pages. I will be going through it later today with my pens and highlighters making more notes. Always more notes.
  • A 3-ring binder containing EVERYTHING I’ve typed up and freehanded. More notes.
  • A handy-dandy HP inkjet printer. It faxes, scans, copies, and prints, but will have absolutely nothing to do with Adobe Reader. It hates Adobe with the burning passion of 10,000 habenero peppers.
  • Computer! Power Mac G3. Yes I know. I’m buying a MacBook in 5 or 6 weeks, Light willing.
  • Chair. It swivels, it leans back, it goes up and down! Wait, didn’t I blog about the chair before?
  • Keyboard. Yanno, it types. Not by itself, silly. I type words into it.
  • Computer monitor. the thing by which all things are seen.
  • Stuff. Stuff includes: water bottle, green tea, a pen, a desktop calendar, and mini-organizer full of pens, pencils, erasers, and markers, and USB cords. Above is a shelf holding yet another organizer holding a calculator, blank papers and envelopes. Oh, and stuff also includes my inhaler and wire-ties. Don’t ask, I don’t know, either.
  • Post-its everywhere! One has a website address on it, another is a reminder not to berate myself for being distracted, but to welcome it with zen-like calm. There’s also a cartoon clip-out from Non Sequitor.
  • Above the monitor, I have a hole-punch, a stapler, another organizer, and a stack of blogging and art notes.
  • Above that, on the top shelf, are all my writing notebooks and sketchbooks from 1995 to the present day.
  • The very top of the hutch holds 3-ring binders and magazine holders filled with more stuff from my OTHER works-in-progress.
  • Trash can. To put trash in.
  • And Finally! The anchor of it all, my cat. The shoes don’t belong here, ignore the shoes. My cat hates being apart from me, so she sleeps at my feet like a dog. Don’t tell her that, though, for she’s old and senile and it will just confuse her. That’s right, puss-puss, no dogs here.

For those who wonder what the words on my dry erase board mean: “Ars requiret totum hominem” is Latin, translated “Art requires the whole being.”

And yes, the desk and hutch are from Ikea.

And it is now 2 freaking am. Good night!


27 thoughts on “This is Where it All Happens

    1. Thats probably why you make such beautiful meals!

      Me, when I need to cook, I just move stuff around. I’m a single girl, after all. I can do that.

  1. I wish I had such a put-together writing space. I’d post a pic of mine, except everybody would think it was a joke. Have a nice break!

    1. I think you should show it anyway! We all work differently, and I dare say a peek at someone’s clutter is more interesting than a peek at someone’s tidy.

  2. Sounds like a great vacation. I tend to come back from vacation more tired than when I left. One day I will take that type of vacation. Sleeping in, reading, taking long walks to bookstores. It would be heaven.

    Thanks for sharing your corner. I think you should come and wrestle down my clutter. Yes you should.

    1. and one day, I will go to France for my vacation. and you shall come down and babysit my cat and give me something to de-clutter when I get back! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Im enjoying my vacation, though so far I’ve done naught but crawl all the writing nooks linked on the Rejectionist’s comment thread.
      Your nook is still sweet.

  3. Wow all that tidiness looks heavenly. And since when do post it notes stick to furniture?! Mine always fall down. I envy your blank walls. They have just about the perfect spot for a whiteboard.

  4. What a lovely little writing area! I can’t believe how many of us have cats. They truly are the perfect muse. Yours is a beauty. Thanks for commenting on my blog and enjoy your vaca!

  5. Very nice space. I love how compact all the furniture is. Adorable cat.

    Good luck with your revisions and rewriting! I think that is very brave, and I hope it works out really well!

  6. I am not a fan of going anywhere and I love the photo of the work space…in a stalker-like way.

    My work space turns out to be a place I can’t accomplish any work…it is too rigid for me. The best place for me is an old chair where I can use a laptop desk that has legs that slide under the chair. It works well for the kind of writing I am used to doing, but not so well for the scripts…maybe I should go back to the desk.

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