And This is How You Relax on Vacation.

Hello my darlings!  I had a fabulous day.  And what did I do today, you  may ask.  Why, I relaxed!

I woke up around 9 am, as leisurely as the cat, who not coincidentally was stretched out besides me, also waking up as cats do.  Then I puttered about, conducting my morning toilét. Soon after, I started surfing the internet, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, and RESPONDING to comments!  I ate an egg sandwich.

Several hours later, around lunch time, I headed out to get some sunshine.  The weather was fabulous, bright sky with puffy white clouds, warm sunshine, a light and not-humid breeze.  Just a few miles south of my neighborhood is a small state park with very affordable entrance fees.  So I went, and laid out my cover on a fluffy grassy knoll under a shady maple. I watched the bumblebees bumble amongst the clovers.  Across the lake a tribe of miscellaneous humans frolicked on the beach. Nary a thought passed in my mind.

Here’s a couple Blackberry pictures:

I ate junk food for lunch.

After an hour or so, I drove the long way to the Y for some pool action.  I took it easy in the pool, sticking to a gentle warm-up swim for the most part, though I did do about 7 hard laps, breastroke and backstroke.  Then 10 minutes in the jacuzzi.  Ahhh, hot bubbles.

Dinner at home was mixed melons and some roasted sweet potatoes.

Then I washed all that nasty chlorine off in a hot soapy shower.

My body feels like a
supine cat.

THAT is how you have a relaxing vacation.  None of that traipsing around, frantically doing stuff (ex-bf, I’m looking at you).  And now, my dears, I have a book to write and some lazing to finish.

8 thoughts on “And This is How You Relax on Vacation.

  1. Do you see just how GREEN with envy I am? You just described my perfect day… Which I didn’t have. Which I so rarely have it ain’t even funny.

    Greeeeeeeen i tell you.

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