So, yesterday morning I wake up to the following email from–an incoming message from another member:

Greetings, please forgive me for being so forward but

“Oh god,” I think, my creep-alarm blaring. “What’s this one going to be like?” Like a lot of girls, I get quite a few emails of the perverted or asshole type. They are always annoying, usually lame, and sometimes amusing.

I have a birthday coming up in a few days and I was thinking it might be fun to receive an old fashioned, over the knee birthday spanking from someone.

Oh god, gross. I’m officially creeped the fuck out.

I wasn’t sure where to start looking,

Try craigslist, moron. Or adultfriendfinder. Or rent a hooker.

or how to go about asking someone

Uh, not like this. Would you walk up to some random woman on the street and ask her this? It is no more acceptable to do it on a standard dating site like this. Use the proper channels! See above.

Furthermore, did you even read my profile? Do I even sound like a woman who appreciates booty calls? My profile even says “no casual sex”. I am STRINGS ATTACHED ONLY. Are you really that stupid? Do I look like a woman who would date stupid men? Much less give one the time of day? Seriously?

so I thought I would just be honest and straight forward about it. Please let me know whether or not you might be interested in doing so.

Being polite doesn’t make you any less of a rude, creepy asshole.


Creeps don’t deserve anonymity. Therefore, you and your creepy email are on my blog.

This public post is all the reply you are getting.



16 thoughts on “Around-the-world-back-snap.

  1. You made this up!!!

    My god, what is WRONG with this person?!?!

    How about telling him you have an internet friend whose birthday is coming up and who would love, as a birthday gift to herself, to give him a good swift kick in the gonads?

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