Why I should be in marketing.

So y’all know that I’m saving up for my new computer (still!–long story having to do with three separate and expensive issues with my car). I’m planning on buying a Macbook Pro. I’ve been using Macs for nigh onto 15 years, and even though PCs are cheaper, I just can’t bring myself to get one. I remember all the horrid expericences I (and others I’ve known) have had with viruses, worms, hardware problems, and other persistent issues with PCs. I’ve never once had an issue with my Macs (and all were second-hand, too!), and once you go Mac you don’t go back, right?.

So anyhoo, I’m buying a Macbook Pro soon, even though I’m kinda in love with the iPad. I’d love to have an iPad, but I need a full computer more than I need a giant iphone. I would like to have both, of course, but that’s a little too out of my means.

But I had an idea this morning. Steve Jobs, hear this: you know what would really make the iPad rock? A monitor app. An app that would allow the iPad to be jacked into a desktop mac, such as a MacMini or a G4 and work as a display for that computer. With the keyboard dock and the touch-screen, one would have a full desktop at home and an iPad when on the go.

That way I could get my computer-level functionality and programs (storage, speed, word, photoshop, flash, full modem, etc) when I need it, and then all the fun of mobile netbooking and communications and eBooking while travelling.

Steve Jobs, I bid thee–make it happen. Before September, please.–Kthnxbai.


8 thoughts on “Why I should be in marketing.

  1. That sounds like a good idea. That kind of thing isn’t already possible? I honestly don’t know because I have never seen an iPad and don’t have a lot of interest in it.

  2. I was thinking of an iPad as a support for electronic books. But seeing the size and weight of it, it really isn’t that portable. I don’t see myself reading on the bus on an iPad…

    Unless any other possibilities crop up, it just might have to be a kindle.

  3. well, it is a bit small for a display, but for people jonesing for both a computer and an ipad that’s a great idea.

  4. Steve Jobs doesn’t listen unless you’re giving out personal information about yourself and your finances. He needs to replicate all of Earth and mankind so that he can live in his holodeck and never have to interact with real people.

  5. Steve wants you to buy both…he is the ultimate marketing genius. It is about spending as much as he can get from you without crossing that threshold of being TOO much. It isn’t about convenience…it is about $$$. The PC and MAC have completely different strategies…and they both work.

    He knows what he is doing…don’t hold your breath.

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