More Writing Updates

I’m currently in the middle of end-stage revisions to my short story “Ouroboros”, a dark fantasy/horror of a man trapped in a cycle of confusion and revenege.

In addition, I have also just started a new short story. It is as yet still untitled and none of the characters have names, but it will be a light, humorous/satirical fantasy about two familiars on a quest to find True Love for their Wizard.

A short exerpt:

“I have decided,” announced X between sweeps of her paw over her ear, “that Master Z must have a mate.”

Y opened one yellow eye and twisted his body to catch a fleeting ray of sun coming through the window. “I don’t think Master Z wants a mate.” He said.

“Nonsense! He’s HUMAN. All humans need mates. And I assure you, the Master wants a woman whether he knows it or not.”

“A woman?” Y sat up and swished his tail. “But they’re so…loud.”

“Well, of COURSE a woman. What do you think a mate IS?”

Y bent himself in half and cleaned his bottom. He did not approve. “You’ve been reading those books, again, haven’t you?”

X flicked her ears back and made herself retract her claws. “What of it? They’re very useful for understanding human ways.”

“They’re trash. Everyone knows that. Besides, you’re a familiar. The only books you have any business reading are grimoires and spellbooks. Not smut full of warriors ‘ravishing fair maidens’ soft, pink, quivering flowers.”

X narrowed her eyes and curled up into a ball in the sun. She tucked her paws under her. “Humph. And yet you say you’ve never read a single one of those books.”

He didn’t reply. The silence stretched out as the two cats eyed each other while the sun climbed higher into the sky. Tails swished on the braided carpet.

“So,” said Y, just as X almost dozed off. “Just how is it you propose to get Master Z a mate?”

X purred.


I’ve also been keeping up on the Deepwater Gulf oil spill; a situation that infuriates me with impotence. I am working on a rant regarding that and perhaps I shall post that next week.

Today is the Friday before a three-day weekend (Monday is Memorial Day here in the States) I have no real plans, except to relax and write and enjoy the weather. I am buying a Y membership tonight so I will likely be swimming laps at some point over the next few days.

Happy friday and good weekend all!


6 thoughts on “More Writing Updates

  1. ‘“Ouroboros”, a dark fantasy/horror of a man trapped in a cycle of confusion and revenege.’
    If you need any tips, that about sums up my life. Well except for the revenge bit.

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