Good Old Days

On sunday, I joined my friends Kris and Ange at the CT Spring Rennaisance Festival. I didn’t wear my costume this time as the stuff is deep in storage and needs de-musting and de-bugging. I’ll wear them In the fall, probably. Anyway, I got a sunburn while there. It wasn’t ENTIRELY by stupidity. I was expecting cloudy, overcast, and cool skies for the whole day and so decided the sunscreen would be unecessary. However, once I drove east of New Haven, the skies cleared up, and the fairgrounds shimmered under bright sunlight. I spent the entire afternoon baking. Now my shoulders are punishing me with a million tiny whiplashes. The shirt I’m wearing is soft cotton and feels like a cat’s sandpaper tongue. Stupid New England’s inconstant weather.

The renfaire was interesting. It was a little lowkey this year, and the highlight of the trip was watching Kris and Ange buy Kris a black leather corset. Oh, and the blond dude in the kilt in the sparring ring. Now he was a fine young man. Hm.

And now, another 15 minute writing exercize from Saturday’s writing workshop. The instructions for this one is to write a free verse poem based on Gustav Klimpt’s “The Lovers”. I pulled in some memories of the breaking-up process and came up with this:

“Come on,” He said
“For old time’s sake
“Let us pretend what we had
“Was real and remember the beginning–
“For old time’s sake?”

He pulled her into
His embrace.

She turned her head away
But did not resist.
His fire burned her skin
And she sighed, then
Pushed him away–

For old time’s sake.


5 thoughts on “Good Old Days

  1. Oh, and I spent the entire Sunday evening rubbing aloe into to my face, neck, chest, and shoulders while watching LOST.

    Appropriate, no?

  2. Whoh whoh whoh. Rennaisance festival costume? This I gotta see.

    Oh wait, it best I write my request in tongues of days gone by.

    Dost thou haveth a dress from days of yore? Such be a visage thine eyes need see.

    Yeah, I know. Needs work.

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