From The Workshop…

Hello, did ya miss me?

Well, I finally got something to blog about, as I went with my friend Janet to a free library-sponsored writing workshop called “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”  We did a total of 5 prompts, all revolving around the use of a photographic image as inspiration.  It was a very productive workshop for me, as I managed to do 4 of those 5 prompts with ease and satisfaction.  After being blocked for so long, it’s a great relief to know beyond the shadow of  a doubt that I can write again!

One of the prompts we did was to select an object from within the Library’s antiques collection and then place that object into the image of a dusty, abandoned room with light filtering in through shredded curtians.  We then had to tell the story of that object’s place in that room and to whom it might once have belonged to.  This is what I came up with in our 15 minute writing time.  The object I chose was a lace fan with a mother-of-pearl base.

Streams of sunbeams from the setting sun filtered though shredded curtains.  A flash of pink and blue responded, calling out for someone, anyone to save it from drowning under a sea of dust.  There was no answer and the light lengthned, moving across the floor.  Motes of dust danced a million waltzes in the fading light.

The pink and blue flashes succumed once more to the darkness, and the Fan, awoken from its long slumber by the drifting light, dreamed of being found and snapped out once more in a gentle hand to catch the air and flutter messages to lovers from across golden rooms.

Terror still gripped it whenever the moon shone through the windowpanes.  It was under moonlight that the Lady was struck.  Her fall had crushed its abalone handle upon the stones and dried blood stained its lace still.  Her bones had turned to dust.


9 thoughts on “From The Workshop…

  1. Oooh, that one and the doll one you wrote are still my favs. Keep up the good work and come to more workshops with me. They are obviously good for you…

    1. Yep!
      It was alright. Not too bad, not exactly the kind of ending I wanted, but it worked for me. I’m glad its over; now the world can move on.

      1. I pretty much agree. With the season they had given us up to that point, the finale fit it. But the whole season could have been better.

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