To Put it Mildly…

The following conversation derived from a facebook post in which I stated “WTF? a rerun?! LOST, Curse you!”  It elicited a mocking laugh from my sister, who thinks my Lost addiction is hi-larious.  This upset me grievously and I let her know that on our preferred chat client.

me: A pox on your livers.

Sis: haha

me: I can’t believe them!
me: Now I am resorting to GLEE.
me: GLEE!
me:*sticks head in the oven*

Sis: ergh

me: Dude, glee sucks.
me: Wtf?
me: People like this singing dancing crap of the t.v.?

Sis: lol
Sis: yes

me: Its fucking emo shit

Sis: and they think it’s REAL
Sis: they don’t realize they’re fucking lip syncing

me: Omg its an I love him/her so and I’m so lonely pining-whining ass duet!

Sis: gah
Sis: i fucking can’t stand glee
Sis: can’t
Sis: fucking
Sis: stand
Sis: it

me: I can see why.
me: I like musicals, but prime time soaps suck and mixing the two is like making a broccoli and strawberry casserole pie

Sis: ew!
Sis: LOL


14 thoughts on “To Put it Mildly…

  1. I don’t hate Glee like you do. But I also was pretty pissed to find out that LOST was a repeat. I thought it was suppose to be new episodes all the way through!

  2. A Lost rerun? I know, how many times can you watch the episode where Gilligan breaks the Professor’s coconut radio?

  3. Personally I’m thrilled it was a rerun. Cause otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it since the power went out last night. There is a god.

    Though the whole rerun thing means the finale is one week later and I’ll be on vacation then. In Europe. Where I no doubt won’t have access and will have to wait an extra two weeks to see it, IF the power doesn’t go out, IF it’s on when they say it is IF IF IF… I’m thinking of cancelling the vacation…

  4. My DVR is only set to record new episodes, so the repeat only resulted in a momentary wtf reaction when I raced home from work that night to discover nothing had recorded.
    And, see, what truly makes a broccoli and strawberry casserole pie is a handful of crumbled potato chips on top.

    1. hi bob!

      yes I did! I was very happy to see a new episode, adn thought it was pretty good, and the revelation of Smokey’s true agenda finally makes sense. cant wait for the 150-minute finale.

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