Where DOES the time go?

I met Janet about four years ago when my company hired her to work in the lab where I work. I trained her, and we quickly became fast friends. Now, she is one of my absolute bestest friends that I have ever had in my life; which is a pretty big deal, since I’m one of those people who doesn’t make friends so easily. But Janet is the opposite–she makes friends VERY easily. She’s got that personality, yanno? A diva without the bitchiness, a way of being that brings everyone around her into her star. It’s not for nothing she’s called “Rock Star”.

One of the special things about Janet is her Fan nature. When she decides she really likes a celebrity, she wont hold back–she will LOVE him. She adores Davie Bowie so much she has tattoos of him on her arms. She also loves Beck, Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy, Johnny Knoxville, and her current top obsession is Sam Rockwell.

Today is her birthday, so in honor of her 25 plus some years of living, I want to welcome Sam in joining me in wishing her a VERY happy birthday!


8 thoughts on “Where DOES the time go?

  1. Wow! That was too much. You really do me too much honor. However, thank you for the warm wishes. And for Sam! I love ya Rachel…

  2. Wow, it’s been a long time since I came across this post. I never realized that it had so many comments after mine. I thank you all for the birthday wishes. And for those that are not familiar with Sam, he is so worth looking into.
    Thanks again Rachel. And for the record, you are one of my bestest friends in the whole world too. Love ya!

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