Guest Posted

I guest posted on Ian’s blog today, about why writing and being a writer is important to me, and why I continue hanging on to that ambition despite my overwhelming habit of procrastination and avoiding hard work.

Go to Ian’s blog here to read it.

Later, some random links from this weekend’s internet surfing adventures.


8 thoughts on “Guest Posted

  1. How bizarre and tiny the Internet can be. I didn’t even know you KNEW Ian, whom I know through another friend.

    Okay, off to read your article. Happy weekend. πŸ™‚

  2. Darc, Sherri; Indeed!

    Ian is really good at networking. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he had links to every single writer on the North American continent. I’d even bet he knows at least one in every State and Province of US and Canada.

  3. A relative of mine is considering changing her major to creative writing. In my opinion, if she wants to write she would already be writing and the choice of major would be the least of it.

  4. I was going to leave a comment at Ian’s but I wasn’t up for registering (I have a growing notebook of user names and passwords for all the places the web takes me), so…
    Your last lines are an echo of my own feelings, and I’m sure the feelings of others. I’ve been carrying a trilogy of novels around in my head for about twenty years, some written out in lengthy mostly spell-checked form and some bits scribbled on paper scraps I shove into my pockets; bits of dialogue or idea fragments that I know some day will make it into The Great Work once I decide that I’m not complete rubbish at it and finally drag it out of me kicking and screaming before an unsuspecting world. And I sometimes think, is it a fear of failure or a fear of success? I’ve read the little pieces you’ve posted and then I look back at my stuff and think, ‘Oh.’ So there’s that, anyway…

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