The Latest Craze in Bedhead!

Here’s how to get the look!

  1. Prepare your locks the day before with a trip to your sister’s house. Drag your sister to Ikea to buy things you probably could live without, but for which your latent nesting instinct demands you MUST BUY RIGHT THIS INSTANT OR YOU SHALL SURELY PERISH FROM THIS EARTH!
  2. Help your sister put together her new Ikea purchases. Do a lot of heavy lifting and lugging of boxes up stairs. Let the Wii babysit the kids while you and she enjoy some good sister bonding time over cheeseburger mac and wine. Get a little tispy. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
  3. Stay very late so you get “sober”, and don’t get home until midnight. Once home take a nice hot bath. Soak until your skin turns pink and your fingers shrivel up.  DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR.
  4. Towel dry your hair until its damp and go straight to bed. Let your elderly, tottering cat walk all over your face for a minute or two. Sleep.

Thats it! When you wake up, you will have achieved the season’s newest fad hairdo, the Einstein! You’ll be the belle of the ball, you fabulous you!  Pair the look with a natural face and comfortable sweats.


12 thoughts on “The Latest Craze in Bedhead!

  1. Nice.

    I had to laugh about staying so “late” that you don’t get home until midnight, though. I’m having a birthday party later, and it’s not even starting until midnight.

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