Dear Johnny:

What’s that you say?

Senator John McCain, the president’s Republican rival for the White House in 2008, said Monday that the anger was so intense over the parliamentary tactics on health care that Mr. Obama should not expect any help from Republicans. “There will be no cooperation for the rest of the year,” Mr. McCain told an Arizona radio station. “They have poisoned the well in what they’ve done and how they’ve done it.”


Exsqueeze me, but as I recall, you and your party of buffoons spent most of the past year and a half yelling “No!” to every Democratic proposal and every venture across the asile, and manipulating your base’s reactions with lies and misrepresentations. Goading them into vile hatefulness with your media’s reprehensible public puppetry.

As point of fact, there is nothing particulary amazing or subversive about the process of reconciliation: your own party has used it many times in its history when it was in the majority!

The intense anger you so hypocritically lament is of two types: that which your party has artifically constructed to fuel your political machinations, and that of those who find said machinations vile and repugnant.

To put it in small words so you may understand: it was YOU who “poisoned the well”, you bloviating asshat!

I bid you GOOD DAY, SIR!



11 thoughts on “Postscript

  1. I like that term “bloviating asshat.” I don’t know what it means. (I’m guessing it’s bad.) But it just rolls off the tongue. Bloviating asshat.

  2. “Bloviating asshat.” Can we try that to the tune of Happy Birthday? Bloviating asshat to you… I deeply admire a person who can cuss creatively. Thank you, Rachel. That could definitely catch on around here.

  3. I particularly liked the end.

    It does seem a bit childish of him. And for him to complain about parliamentary procedures being used in politics, given the hundreds of filibusters his party has raised to non-controversial, non-partisan bills, is laughable.

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