Missives from the Malcontent.

Dear Republicans:
You had over a YEAR to propose better alternatives to Democratic plans on Health Care Reform–not once did you ever say “Hey guys, I got a better idea! Instead of this, let’s do this;…” Instead you assholes spent a YEAR with your arms folded shouting “We demand compromises!” And when given compromises, shouted “NOnononoNO.”
Its pathetic how you collectively decided that political manuvering was more important than taking care of the needs of the American people.

Way to be the obfuscating, hyperventilating, obstructionist, self-serving assholes, G.O.P. “Party of No.”



Dear Congress;
As much as I enjoy a good heckle (which is to say, not at all), especially of the kind seen in the British House of Commons, it is not the type of behavior that is acceptable for our legislators. I dunno about the rest of my fellow citizens, but I for one, expect mature, rational behavior from grown adults. Not disruptive shouting of the likes of Randy Neugebauer or Joe Wilson.

And while it has thus far been only childish Republicans engaging in this behavior, I ask you not to let it become just another way to play politics.

Once again, please kindly cease and desist.



Dear Tea Partiers:
Why don’t you do us all favor and repeat history by tossing yourselves into the Boston Harbor, you hateful bigots.



Dear Rushie-baby;
Put up or effin’ shut up.



13 thoughts on “Missives from the Malcontent.

    1. Naw, I’d rather Rush just haul himself out of the States like he promised. Investing in jenny Craig would just make him linger around.

      In any case, the size of his body is immaterial to the fact that he’s a loudmouthed hateful buffoon. Jenny Craig can’t fix that. And I’d rather they didn’t get more money to perpetuate their existence anyway–bunch of snake-oil peddlers they are.

      We libs are better off discrediting his opinions instead of mocking his body.

  1. I for one, expect mature, rational behavior from grown adults.

    You really live in a world all your own dontcha darling? When is the last time you’ve seen mature rational behaviour from 85% of adults regardless whether they’re politicians or not…

    Speaking of mature: I prefer to call them Teabaggers myself

    1. The plebian serfs can be as boorish and asshatty as they want, they aren’t representing ME, after all, nor do they have the power of law over me. However, my leaders DO ostentatiously represent my interests as well as hold some marginal power over my life, I do expect them to act better than mere citizens.

  2. Dear American People,

    How about a girlfriend for your favourite friend in the great white north?

    Someone who thinks solving America’s health care issues is easier than finding a girlfriend.

  3. The Democrats may suffer a short-term political loss this November, but the long-term benefit of having passed this bill will be enormous. I’m so happy they finally had the courage to do what was right and not what was expedient.

  4. The Tea Partiers ruined my commute a few weeks back due to their inability to correctly understand and follow the Walk/Don’t Walk signs which are incredibly difficult to interpret. I thought about running over a few or at least shoving them into oncoming traffic. I resisted. Damn.

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