Well, the good news is, it’s just hair.

Went to the hair butcher stylist today, told the girl assigned to me that I wanted an “asymetrical angled bob with choppy layers and a choppy bang” and this is what I got (these pics were actually taken after I fixed some of the cutting, and washed out all the poofy gunk (I hate big hair), and styled it myself with mouse, pomade, and hair spray).

Yeah, it’s what I asked for, I think, but its not exactly what I expected it to look like. I was hoping for something interesting and edgy, not crazy shaggy.

I don’t exactly HATE it, but I don’t exactly love it either. However, its just hair and it’ll grow out soon enough. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually come to like it!

Well, it certainly IS different from the boring, grown-out bob of last night.


27 thoughts on “Well, the good news is, it’s just hair.

  1. rachel…

    I think your hair is really cute…it suits you well.

    the world is lucky I don’t have a camera to show off the haircut *I* got yesterday.

  2. Women’s hair is complete enigma to me. My wife goes out to have her hair done. She comes home three hours later, and $109 poorer, and looks just like she did when she left!

    I am convinced that women lie when then compliment other women’s hair styles. I’ll bet you could shave your head and your girlfriends will say it’s “cute”. Try it, ask your friends how they like your hair… bet 100% of them say “it’s cute”.

    1. I can think of one person who will say, “what the hell did you do?!” lol but maybe she’ll suprise me say “cute”.

      also, way to make me feel confident!

  3. Oh you’re so brave! I know so many people think of hair as an accessory, but to me it’s like “identity.” I wouldn’t even let my mother cut it when I was little.

    On you, it looks cute. 🙂

  4. It looks very interesting and cute on you. It wouldn’t work on every woman, but it really does succeed on you. Your personality — what shows here on your blog and in comments you leave other places — indicates it’s a match for you. Very cool.

    And I’m very glad you did it. I always admire courage.

  5. You look mahvelous, dahling, mahhhhvelous. Can I have her number? My last haircut has left me sporting what resembles a bad Farrah Fawcett wig. And yes, I remind myself every time I happen to pass a mirror that it’s just hair.

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