The Date

There appears to be a general consensus amongst you that I need to blog about that date. I am nothing if not my readers’ humble servant.

Okay, so;

I had met the dude, hereafter to be refered to as Dude, last summer at a Deaf social gathering. He’s pretty good-looking, in a clean-shaven, laid-back, blond-ish, blue-eyed, big-shoulders, wide white smile, boy-next-door way. Definitely my type, physically. And yes, totally Deaf. We chatted for a little, but he was more taken by my lesbian friend (who is pretty hot). I don’t think he really understood what that meant until my friend had a serious talk with him some weeks later. Dude sorta disappeared from the radar after that.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, where we met again at a mutual friend’s (not the lesbian friend, a different friend) birthday party. We pretty much ended up hanging around each other the whole time. We traded numbers, and a few days later he asked me out for dinner and movie on Feburary 14th. I wasn’t interested in going anywhere on Feburary 14th, so I suggested we instead have our date the following weekend.

On the appointed day, I shaved my legs, dabbed on a little purfume, caked my face in make-up (neutral pink gloss and a brown smokey eye), and wore purple and grey leopard-print cardigan with dark wash jeans and black patent-leather wingtip mary janes (its a shoe).

I drove to the next town over and met Dude at Applebee’s. He had to show me his rental, since his car had been totaled by a truck backing into him after the snowstorm a day earlier. It was a 2010 Ford Mustang hardtop. He was exicited about it.

I ordered a frozen wildberry margarita. He had a bowl of pasta and a beer. I didn’t order any food because of my gluten allergy. His pasta looked really good. We chatted a bit about our hobbies (he works two jobs, likes to hang out with friends everyday, I’m a homebody who writes and reads), sports (he’s a big fan of them all, I couldn’t care less about any of them) fishing, (he loves it, I don’t), travel (we both want to, he’s already been to Paris, and he showed me a few French signs), we briefly touched on past relationships and what our goals for life are (he wants a home and family asap, I want a creative career).

By the time the check came, I knew we weren’t a match. I offered to pay for my drink: he declined.

We went from Applebee’s to Loews Cinema to watch Avatar 3D. He tried to convince the ticketmaster to give us a discount on the tickets on account of us being deaf as posts and there being no assisstive captions included in the film, but they said no. I told Dude oh well, let’s just go watch it anyway and I paid for the tickets. Even without dialouge, it was worth it, since the visuals were SICK.

We both liked the movie. Afterwards, we walked back to our cars, gave each other hugs and ‘keep in touch’es, and went home.

We haven’t been keeping in touch. We don’t have much in common and we are at different places in life. Even if Dude really is nice to look at.

There, now aren’t y’all glad I told you?


25 thoughts on “The Date

    1. He is a great catch, and I think he’d be a great friend for me, but I don’t think he is as interested as you think, since he never kept in touch, either. He is scoping the deaf singles scene for a wife, and he knew as well as I that I wasn’t a match for him. If we had more in common, he would definitely have “lit my fire” and I think the same is true of me for him.

  1. ‘Bout damn time.

    First I’m giggling a little about the description – smoky eye so of course you go with a neutral lip! Pattern & color up top, dark wash on the jeans. Yep, you’ve been paying attention, too. 🙂

    But, I’m sorry you weren’t a good match. At least it was a friendly recognition of that.

  2. There are, of course, many other fish in the availability pool section of the proverbial sea, and one of them will not only be nice to look at, but will have startlingly similar interests to yours. But you had a decent time and enjoyed the movie, so how bad can that be, right?

  3. Can’t all be winners, right?

    Well, that’s what people keep telling me.

    I must say it is interesting to read the woman’s point-of-view of this sort of situation. I’ve often found myself in Dude’s place.

      1. No, I didn’t. And whether I did or not has nothing to do with anything–a bad match is a bad match. Its better to recognize that amicably than not.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t saying you did but we have all heard WIGSF complain about the women he went on dates with. When he said he has been on “Dude’s side”, I thought he might be saying that you did do something to wrong the guy. I wanted him to expand on his comment.

    1. That’s the nature of dating. Its a fact that there are going to be a whole bunch more bad matches than good ones. Just have to be open to “sifting” for them. I just hope that all the dating and sifting is relatively painless as possible, and I try to have fun, whether or not a guy is a match.

    1. but you gotta date them before you can make use of them. Luckily I have a handy-dandy jar opener and footstools. I havent missed men too much yet.

  4. Well, look at the bright side. He wasn’t Jack the Ripper or Clyde looking for his Bonnie. He does sound like a nice person but not YOUR person who, when he appears, will be far more exciting and will have some things in common with you while the things you don’t share will expand both your lives. I think it’s great that you went out and gave it a chance. And the movie theater people were dolts.

  5. i want to leave a comment, but it seems everyone’s said everything i was going to say. i’m glad it was a good time… sorry it wasn’t a match… but i hope you guys do end up as friends. he does sound like a really nice guy.

    and i STILL want to see avatar. ugh… i’m so behind.

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