Where did all my neurons go?

Things I should be blogging about but aren’t because I’ve lost the ability to think:

1. Yesterday, snowflakes the size of lemons!!

2. Finally saw Avatar, and I really liked it.

3. Had a date, a REAL date, and with a REAL dude I met beforehand, and not some formless cyberdude from OKCupid.com.

4. Trials and tribulations of going gluten-free.

5. A ranty rebuttal to some neo-con screed against some of the questions on this term’s census survey.

6. How Citizens United vs Federal Elections Commisson and the GOP’s mission to “starve the beast” combined to make me dream last night of a dystopian America where the government had been “starved” to nothingness and Corporations ruled; the government a mere bastion of capitalistic tyranny, not the free stronghold of libertarian fantasies.

7. My real opinions on public health care and being healthy: ethical imperative vs personal autonomy.

8. I really need a haircut but have no frigging clue what to do with my wild mane.

9. How I have “mes amis, mes amis, militaire” in my godforsaken head.

10. My half-baked “Lost” theories.


11 thoughts on “Where did all my neurons go?

  1. I watch LOST too. I would like to share half-baked theories with you. You go first!

    I am curious, how did #3 go? Are you going to see the guy again?

  2. I don’t bother to have any Lost theories, there seems to be no point, I just go along with the ride.

    I leave the theorizing up to EW.com’s Doc Jensen.

  3. You’ve probably lost your ability to think because your brain is 4% smaller than a skinny person’s brain. That’s a scienterrific fact.


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