…holy fucking shit, has it really been over 3 weeks since I last posted? Well, shit. Let’s see here, did I do anything interesting in that time?

  • Went to an ASL interpreted performance of the Lion King at Hartford’s Bushnell Theatre. Visually amazing! Spectacular puppets, bright costumes, energetic dances, cast of shirtless dudes; it was awesome. Oh, and the interpreters were pretty damn good too; one lady knew the translation of the African songs, and gave us deafies the words.
  • All-deaf birthday party at a local nightclub (country-western bar, complete with dance hall, mechanical bull, pool tables, bar food, and dudes in cowboy hats. Oy, I thought I left that nonsense behind me in Idaho!) It was good fun, and I enjoyed reconnecting and meeting new friends.
  • I done did my taxes, y’all. I’m getting enough of a refund to buy my precious Macbook at last. That is, unless karma doesn’t sneak up on me first to snatch my money away for something else, that fucking bitch. I hates karma, my precious, I hates it, I hates it.
  • Goofed off on OKCupid a lot. Chatted a lot. Got absolutely nowhere, a lot. Some fizzled-out communications; disappointing, as there was a lot of hope there. Lots of random chats, most of which ended up being “booty call” or “wank material” seekers; very fucking annoying. But I suppose that’s to be expected in a free site. Still no dates, which fucking sucks a lot of buckyballs. (Is it me, or am I saying “a lot” a LOT? I better knock that shit off before it gets outta control. Like my cussing. I passed that point with my potty mouth in my early teens, and its been getting fucking worse every damn year since.)
  • I did a lot of brooding over my writing projects while letting the dishes pile up. (I fucking hate dirty dishes more than I hates karma. I’m sure theres no connection.) I picked at my writer’s block some, and spoke very firmly with myself for lack of motivation and being too much of a distracted, procrastinating, potato-munching bum. Managed to get my head out of my ass long enough to realize that all that brooding on WHY I wasn’t writing was damn self-defeating foolishness and starting thinking of HOW I could BE writing. And LO! I has written a page this weekend! This writing thing may actually be a real fucking prospect now, huzzah!

I really like cussing. It’s cathartic. FUCK YEAH!


19 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaand…

    1. ha, HI
      thanks MTAE. hopefully, now that im getting my blogging mojo back, maybe I will stop lurking and start commenting on blogs again.

      coming soon to a blog near you, a rachel comment! refreshments not provided.

  1. Fuck yeah cussing is cathartic, and any motherfucker who doesn’t think so can kiss my royal red ass.

    J/K. Sorry for the potty mouth.

    I swear. I swear a LOT. If I could write as easily as I swear, I’d be a f*cking rich-ass published sh!thead writer by now. But NO. I sit, let my WIP languish, do NOTHING and then beat that dead horse all over again the following day. It’s as stupid as lather, rinse, repeat, which I also do because I’ve not had a haircut in so friggin’ long I look like Johnny fucking Depp. Except, you know, fat.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the play though. And I’m sorry I cussed on your blog. I won’t do it anymore.

    1. lol
      hey I dont mind. if you ever need a space to cuss, feel free to do it here. just, yanno, keep it fucking topical, right? lol er, which is not to say that your comment WASN’T on topic, it WAS! i just dont like thread jacking, is all.

        1. Nice shoe collection! I choose the spiffy red pumas. To hide the blood, naturally.

          Also, thanks for the blog fodder! A shoe post is now forthcoming. Eventually.

    1. OKCupid is an international, but predominantly US dating site that is entirely free.

      its more of a social networking like site but with a dating or hook-up purpose. Dominated by 20-somethings looking for a “good time”.

      i’m pretty much disappointed with it and have stopped logging on.

  2. I’m right there with you on the writing thing, though you seem to have a better knack for it than I do, based on what you’ve posted in the past. I’ve got this book (two actually) stuck in my head and it won’t let me alone. But when I try to write it’s been mostly rubbish. I got 40-some pages of portion of one story finished (used it for my final portfolio in a fiction writing class last semester) and, though I like it, I can’t seem to move any farther on it. Frustrating. Totally fucking frustrating.
    Fuck yeah!
    Where’s my scotch…

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