Holiday Recap

Hello All!
Its been a lazy, umstimulating holiday season, and that’s why I haven’t been motivated to post anything lately. Cuz lazy and unstimulating equals a lazy and unstimulated mind, see? And that means no blogging. Or anything else remotely creative and interesting.

The most exciting thing to happen these past few weeks (aside from Christmas Day dinner with my sister’s family, and a post-New Years gathering with a few friends last weekend) was when I discovered NBC’s new sitcom “Community” with Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. Now, let me tell you why I am so excited about this. I discovered the show only a few weeks ago, so it is well into its first season, if not already over, but the episode I saw for the first time was called “Comparative Religion” and all the characters were discussing their respective faiths. There’s a christian, a muslim, a jehovah’s witness, a cultist (Chevy Chase), a jew, an atheist; and when Joel McHale’s character declares he is an agnostic, everyone else boos and throws paperballs at him, for “agnostics are the lazy atheist”. For some reason, it just cracked me the fuck up. Its the first show in 10 years to actually make me laugh, and laugh consistently. Its clever, intelligent, sarcastic, and well done. And also, Chevy Chase’s character is a fucking riot. He’s indescribable. In one episode he’s teaching some guy how to sneeze like a man.

For 10 years, since reality tv has dominated the industry, television has been nothing but a glut of mediocrity drowning true creativity. Creativity, talent, and art really took a beating these past decade, so its a real delight to find something that is genuinely a work of spirit (which is my definition of art). I wish I could embed clips from the show for you, but neither my blackberry nor my desktop have the ability to do that, so instead I will just direct you to the show’s website on NBC.

Anyway, that was the most exciting thing to happen over the holidays. I spent most of my free time at home relaxing, doing nothing except chores, cooking, taking long hot baths with several books (I read the Sookie Stackhouse books, The Devil’s Dictionary, Foundation, and I am currently reading The Dragon Quartet.

I’ve also started really getting back into online dating again, more than before the holidays. The more time goes by, the more ready I feel. When I get stories to tell, tell I shall.

I had plenty of time for introspection and the contemplation of resolutions. I’m not really all that fond of “resolutions”; seems a pointless endeavor, really. Things you think about doing just because its the new year and its the time to think about things you should be doing really don’t get things done. In any case, I didn’t think of “resolutions” in the sense of “these are the things I want to do this year” but more like taking stock of my long-held goals and needs: remembering, reevaluating, reprioritizing, restrategizing, reaffirming.

My goals–or resolutions, whatever–this year are:

  • get that damn computer already
  • get a savings account and start putting money away: I think I’m finally in a position to start doing so!
  • finish at least one of my many projects, and earn that sense of accomplishment I desperately crave.
  • find art/writing groups or workshops to attend
  • take a couple solitary weekends at the Cape during the summer to recoup energies
  • cultivate a bold fearlessness in my relations with other people.

Okay, that is all I have to say today.


16 thoughts on “Holiday Recap

  1. That Community line, “Agnostics are lazy atheists” is my favorite EVER of ANY SHOW. That show is da bomb. Chevy Chase? Joel McHale? Can’t go wrong. And the supporting cast is perfect. My all-time favorite scene is when Chevy Chase is dressed as the Beastmaster and tripping on acid. I think I already told you that, but there it is again.


  2. I haven’t watched it, but I’m very partial to the show Parks & Recreation, starring the brilliantly funny Amy Poehler, which comes on right after it. I’ll have to check it out next season.

    1. Pretty much, I think. But it is also quite a drive including an international border crossing. I don’t know if you’ve heard Sherri, but your nation is sealing up it’s borders pretty tight these days. Not that I blame the US Customs Service for doing that. All makes sense to me. But, there was a time I could drive into the US with a giant fish pillow buckled up in the backseat as though it was a passenger and the border guards pretty much just waved me in without even looking at my ID.

      Okay, that went to weird place.

  3. Haven’t had the chance to check out Community yet, but I do really enjoy Big Bang Theory because Sheldon reminds me a lot of me – except for the part where I am not a Theoretical Physicist. And, of course, I’ve been addicted to Doctor Who and it was a moral imperative to see the long awaited regeneration…

  4. My brother got into Community and then decided to shove it down my throat. It has its moments but I actually don’t like Chevy’s character. My favourite episode is the Halloween one. The guy pretending to be Batman… it was great. I loved how he changed his voice.

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