Copycat week: What Rachel Is…

Today’s copycat muse comes from a fun fatshion and shopping blog called Manolo for the Big Girl, specifically, a weekly feature by contributor Plumcake called What Plumcake is… Only on this blog its called:

What Rachel Is…

Reading: Lips, eyes, body language. Blogs, online news, Facebook status updates. NOT Twitter, which is, IMHO, kinda lame.

Watching: The skies for signs of impending apocalypse.

Hearing: You’re kidding, right?

Smelling: A bitter, salty aroma, redolent of congealing blood and shattered hopes and dreams. (What? I’m at work!)

Loving: Fire. It keeps the cold outside and makes my bathwater hot.

Hating: Winter. The wind, it bites and nips the flesh–the icy cold, it burns, it burns!

Wanting: I want everything to go my way.

Buying: A MacBook Pro…in the summer.


12 thoughts on “Copycat week: What Rachel Is…

  1. WIGSF is:

    Reading: Rachel’s blog, duh.

    Watching: not the keyboard because WIGSF can type without looking at his finger

    Hearing: traffic report on radio

    Smelling: construction materials

    Loving: nothing because nothing is loving WIGSF

    Hating: everything because everything is hating WIGSF

    Wanting: trip to NYC

    Buying: tickets to NYC (soon)

  2. I want a Macbook Pro too. Will you buy one for me?

    Sorry, of course you don’t have to. But if I don’t ask … and I’ve been out of work a loooooooonnnng time, y’know? 😉 (J/K)

    I might do this one. I have NOTHING to blog about and I’m SOOO busy with a project I have to finish, this might be just the thing.

    I like the word “fatshion” frankly. And when is the world going to acknowledge that there are more of US than there are those rail-thin anorexic models and start making clothes for NORMAL people?!

    Sorry, sorry … /rant, really. That’s the kind of thing the word “fatshion” brings out of me.

    Okay, seriously, I’m done. Have a good New Year if we don’t communicate again before that. 🙂

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