No one is suprised that Texas is stupid

This week really sucks. I won’t be able to get my car fixes until after Christmas. I will tell the long sordid story later. In the mean time I’m busy trying to moderate my stress levels with hot baths and valium. Especially after todays horendous snow storm and the mess it left behind. Again, another post. For now here’s a bit from an AIM convo today.

Me: Did you hear about the texas anti-gay marriage amendment fiasco?

Sis: heh, no what happened?

Me: its lulzy. (Hat-tip to Woozie for the link)

Sis: OMG, they are SO DUMB!

Me: Lol yeah Well they knew what they meant and that was good enough for them, but the law isn’t as discerning lol

Sis: seriously gah

Me: What were they thinking? Lol “shall not recognize anything identical to or similar to marriage” LMAO Stupid fucks

Sis: i’m reading some of the comments–funny. wow, they are really really dumb

Me: How’s that?

Sis: they totally outlawed marriage, gay or otherwise, in Texas “You do not have to have a fancy law degree to read this and understand what it plainly says,” yeah, it PLAINLY says that the state may not recognize marriage or anything that looks like it. gah!

Me: Not true, they argue! They define marriage in the first part as being between one man and one woman, but then follow up with banning “all legal unions identical or similar to marriage” the “TO” OBVIOUSLY diferentiating the “real marriage” previously defined is not included in the clause under question. LMAO

Sis: that’s why we have fancy lawyers. dumbasses

Me: I counter “any legal union identical to marriage” is a marriage. The key word being “LEGAL” Fucking dumbasses!

Sis: LOL srsly

Me: “Sir, madam, I’m afraid your union is identical to a marriage and is therefore illegal”


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