As you might have guessed, I took a much needed mental vacation last week. I got tired of braining, so I decided to stop. Its surprisingly easy once you put your mind to it. Instead of thinking, I ended up watching tv. I cannot remember most of what I watched–mindless tripe mostly, barely entertaining and totally unredeemable.

In other words, unmemmorable reality t.v.

I also ate a hypoallergenic Thanksgiving feast at my sister’s, and avoided Black Friday altogether.

One thing I can say about not braining for a week: it sure is hard to reactivate the old grey jello between my ears. I have absolutely no ability to say anything, and scrounging up substance results only in wilted half-thoughts.

For example, this is what I tried to write earlier this morning–a doomed attempt at half-humorous social criticism:

Sometimes I seriously wonder what the fuck is wrong with people. This time around, my WTF’s are addressed at the latest fame-seeking camera junkies known as the The Salahi’s, aspirants to Bravo TV’s Housewives franchise, who crashed the White House State Dinner last week. These people are not to be confused with the similarly fame-addicted hobgoblins known as The Heenes, one-time ‘stars’ of Wife Swap and perpetrators of the Balloon Boy Hoax.

As of now, the Salahi’s have cancelled an appearance on The Larry King show and have instead opened up bids for interviews–with the minimum allowed bid being in the six figures, mind you.

These peoples’ obsessive and possibly criminal pursuit of flash in the pan fame is a sad reflection on our society.
Reality TV, celebrity worship, narcissism and entitlement, sensationalism and fadism…good lord, are Americans really so bored and shallow as to actually reward this kind of shit? Do people watch this shit because they like it or because its the only crap on? Does anyone in America know how to NOT watch televison anymore?

WTF is wrong with people?

These two recent incidents seem to indicate the start of a rash of stunt-pulling shenanigans that I predict will pollute our collective consciousness for the next few months or even years. At this time I question whether I should even be typing a post about this, contributing my oily fuel towards that moth-incinerating bonfire of the vanities.

I hate this zeitgest. And I hate being a part of it.

Reality tv is a blight on humanity and should be scourged off the face of the earth.

Perhaps tomorrow my brain will work again. Until then I will read the Huffington Post. They have a couple gems about the Salahi’s up now.


11 thoughts on “Sludgy

    1. That’s actually hilarious! Not the being shot thing but the Project Runway and Tough Love thing. I watch those too, for reasons unknown. Well, that’s not entirely true. I had crush on Shirin…
      Love the snow, by the way – especially because it isn’t real!

  1. Reality TV is awful. Except for Mythbusters. Oh, and of course Junkyard Wars. Oh, and mustn’t forget Clean House. Um, and then there’s…

    Well at least I don’t watch that ‘Lost’ reality show crap.


  2. I prefer to watch television programs that are deliberately scripted and acted. Programs about fictional characters. But, those programs are actually more expensive to produce than reality TV.

    Here’s a list of some lowlights of the reality TV world:
    – that show where a group of little people footraced a giraffe.
    – Wife Swap
    – Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire
    – any show that ridicules somebody’s sense of style then gives them a makeover
    – that show where Joe Rogan told people to eat horse dick

  3. I think the reality show has bred the everyone-can-be-famous thing that we are seeing. I think it is kind of sad for the people that this is what it has come to for them.

    I am not sure if they did anything criminal, but…the Secret Service will surely find something. I wouldn’t mess with them since I am not really sure they have to play by the same rules. They probably could have shot them on site…if they actually knew they were there BEFORE their FB posting. That was kind of dumb on their part. Maybe they could have waited a week or two.

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