Live Blogging: Day in the Life: Part Three

(Read parts ONE and TWO)

4:00 pm and here we return to see our spitfire heroine dash out of the windowless box that is her place of employment. The weekend has begun and the excitement is palpable. See the flushed face, the up-turned smile, the wide-eyed breathlessness? Oh happy day!

But what’s this? A sudden slump of the shoulders? Rachel remembers she must pay a big bill today. She sighs. A trip to the bank is in order and she is $300 poorer. What a wretched state! At least she can still afford a bottle of wine! After paying her bill, a bottle of 2005 Reisling Kabinett from Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt is in her grubby little lushy paws. What ho, hey?

Two hours later: Our slightly inebriated hostess takes a bath. She appears to be chatting on AIM and catching up on blogs via her Blackberry whilst turning into a prune. A new and very interesting friend signs on and our tipsy lass grins. At the suggestion of this mysterious person, she removes herself from the water and retires to the t.v. room to watch Stargate: Universe and exchange commentary. It seems to be a very enjoyable conversation. Perhaps as enjoyable as this night’s episode of Stargate: Universe itself?

Those who must know must also get used to disappointment. (Rachel hopes her dear readers get the reference, and she will love them forever.)

And now she has returned to the computer, tongue out-thrust, brow furrowed, liver groaning. With a flourish she now bids the day, and this blog series, “Adieu!” All this third-person, self-aggrandizing humor crap quite wore her out!


15 thoughts on “Live Blogging: Day in the Life: Part Three

  1. Ah … such a fulfilling, calming end to a frenetic and edge-of-seat, wild-ride of adrenaline and dizzying speeds. I’m slumping back in my creaking, complaining old computer chair, exhausted from the excitement and tension release.

    A thrilling episode … a mysterious chatting partner to keep us guessing … I can’t wait to see more. 😉

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. And was she unafraid of dropping her Blackberry into said prune inducing bath? She is, then, vastly more tech-savvy – or vastly less clumsy – than I.

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