Live Blogging: A day in the life, part two

Part one is here.

We return to our intrepid adventurer of the mundane! It is lunchtime, and Rachel realizes she has forgotten to pack a lunch. Oh Calamity Jane! She stands next to the company fridge and contemplates her options.

  • a. Go to Dunkin Dounts. Buy a Ham and Cheese flatbread sandwich and a chocolate-frosted donut. Hmm.
  • b. Go to another deli and order an overpriced over-stuffed sandwich made with fried chicken. Hmm.
  • c. Go to the convenience store and grab affordable junk food. Hmm.

Rachel grimaces and makes her choice!

And now, its viewer participation time!

Thank you for participating, dear reader. Let us see what Rachel is nomming, shall we?

Ah, a lunch of cheap hot dog in a bun, a bag of white cheddar popcorn, and a can of evilly caffeinated Pepsi. Apparently, our budget-conscious gut-buster chose option C. Will she regret the consequences? She will undoubtedly be happy to let everyone know.

Our foolish hero lumbers back to work, to slave once more at the will of her vile employers. A stack of work awaits her! She groans and plods on–let us fast forward again, shall we?

One hour later Here we see our hapless lady of the pot run to the restroom. “Oops!” She proclaims. “Time to poop!” She giggles. “Hey, you see what I did there? I rhymed!” Oh dear. Avert your eyes!

15 minutes later
Ah! Oh good, our mistress of the slackery is blogging again. She bravely ventures forth into the land of the POLL. “Can I create a poll on my Blackberry?” she asks the ether. “Or will it blow up my phone?” Biting her lip, she hits publish and hopes the godforsaken thing works.

Alas! Rachel gnashes her teeth to a fine powder finer than particles of pottery clay. Her cursed phone does not render embedding codes! Rachel begs her beneficent and merciful and wise and kind and radiant Sister to fix it for her.

All hail the Queen of the helping hands!

Work is almost over, and soon our tired and worn hero shall sally forth to home. What does our happy-go-lucky blogger intend for this Friday Night Festvities?

Stay tuned to find out!


10 thoughts on “Live Blogging: A day in the life, part two

  1. I would love to stay tuned to find out what’s going on for my favourite new inaction hero, but alas, I actually have plans for this Friday night. It was bound to happen eventually.

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