Lots of Numbers Here

Good god, I can’t believe its frickin November already. 60 days away from frickin 2010. 35 months away from the frickin Apocalypse. Speaking of which, has anyone seen that movie, 2012, yet? Is it really as goddamned stupid as it looks? I really wish hollywood would stop trying to cover up crappy scripts, shitty acting, and stinky concepts with frickin melodramatic special effects. Go back to good scripts, good stories, and good acting, I say! Let the special effects enhance the movie, not BE the fucking movie. Don’t let the razzle-dazzle bring attention to itself. Case in point: Star Wars Prequels vs Lord of the Rings. Transformers vs Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Am I the only friggin person who feels this way?

I digress.

Its Novemeber, will ye, nill ye, and the month of NaNoWriMo has begun (yesterday at midnight to be precise). I did it last year, and had intended to do it again this year, but shortly after Nano 08 ended, things with my ex went downhill fucking fast, and a major creative/writer’s block took root in my head. I’ve only just begun to get past that block, and don’t feel up to pursuing that monumental task of writing a book in 30 days. So instead of 1669 words a day, I am aiming for 100 a day. By November 30, I should have around 3000 words, or 12 pages, which is a short story. This is in addition to my regular blogging practice, of course.

So, with that in mind, back to writing! I’ve got 100 words to milk out of my dried up mental titty.


13 thoughts on “Lots of Numbers Here

  1. Well, after having just visited Scope’s blog (you know where this going), if your mental titty is anything like your charititty, you should have no problem milking it.

  2. This is two posts today that I have read regarding NaNoWriMo (the other was mjenks).

    I will give him the same advice I gave him: In Word 2003, =RAND(200) gets you 9000 words. Granted, it’s “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” over and over again. Boring story. Not much plot. But still, better than Amanda McKittrick Ros.

    1. I think I did the math wrong, I think its actually 3 years + 1 month, which makes it 37 months to the Apocalypse, not 35 which is 3 years minus 1 month.

      Or is it 3 years plus 2 months, since the 21 is at the end of December?

      I suck at numbers.

      1. I guess it depends on if the apocalypse happens at the beginning or the end of 2012. The beginning = 25 months, 27 days. The end = 37 months, 27 days. So:

        25 months, 27 days >= apocalypse >= 37 months, 27 days.

        who said you wouldn’t need algebra after high school?

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