Week of Pictures: Cloth

I dont really have any words today, so this week its pictures!

Today its cloth.

I have a few bundles of fabric that I have yet to make into garments. Here are the photos. Aren’t they pretty?

I’m planning on turning this into a shirt or vest of some sort. Its blue and gold sari brocade, which is a light-weight satin.


This one is either an a-line skirt or an embroidered tunic. Its a linen fabric that is actually more teal than green, but for some reason the light balance on my camera is running yellow, sigh:


And this, my favorite fabric, will become a dress with some draping and tailored details, or an evening jacket, with formal tailoring. This one is also a satin brocade, but heavier and thicker than the sari.


11 thoughts on “Week of Pictures: Cloth

  1. Lol thanks! That made my day.

    I am a bit of a jack of all trades, which is to say, there’s a lot I can do, but little I can do WELL. Lol.

    I also cannot program a computer or fix a car. So that answers that question.

  2. can you really sew all that kind of nonsense? if so, do so and put that shit up on etsy. get yourself a business, girl, handmade clothing is the shit right now!

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