Week of Blatherations: Banana Hammocks!

Hurray! Its Friday!

I’m planning on doing mostly nothing this weekend. I’ve been a bit over-social, and stressing out over life’s little wrinkles, and now I feel a little bit stretched. Time for another retreat into the hermit’s cave.

I’ve been doing way too much of everything lately, so it’ll be good to do absolutely nothing. I do wish I could do nothing on some deserted tropical island.


I think I’ll head to the library tonight to grab a couple books to read, then tomorrow first thing in the morning, is laundry–cuz I’ve a shitload to do–and then after that, whatever comes up.

I feel like I’m forgetting something, though. Whatever, I’ll remember eventually. I always do.

Hurray for Fridays!

And yes, the title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It just amuses me to say it.


18 thoughts on “Week of Blatherations: Banana Hammocks!

  1. Have fun babysitting and doing your laundry.
    And remember to clean the lint out of the linttrap in the dryer.

    Banana hammock, banana hammock, banana hammock. Yup. Funny.

      1. Holy moly woman! I’m just trying to be nice and helpful. But this is how it always is. I’m nice and friendly, and I get yelled at for it.
        Well, you can cram it with walnuts!

    1. JAZZ!

      Oh happy day!

      Welcome back to winter. 🙂 and the blogosphere. If I find that island, I’m taking you with me. Mr. Jazz can come, if he must. 😉

  2. The title reminds me of the Friends where Pheobe changed her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock, so her fiance changed his name to Crap Bag to get even. Good times.

  3. I, too, am hibernating. But, I”ve been feeling quite the opposite as you. I’m feeling extremely ANTI-social! Never did go out last night. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I don’t even feel like seeing my best friends…I need some food, some REAL food! My cupboards and fridge are bare, maybe that’s what is wrong with me…
    Happy weekend!

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