Week of Blatherations: Weekend recap

Ok so, my brain died sometime last week and I’ve lost the ability to think. So instead I’m just gonna steal another page from WIGSF and do a weekend recap.

On friday after work, my friend Janet and I went to some dive-y bar at the other end of town to listen of a co-worker of ours play in a band. For me, live music or videos are the only way I can appreciate music; recordings are too far removed from my auditory comprehension skillz. The band was pretty good, our co-worker played guitar, and there was the drummer, the second guitarist, the bassist, and the singer. The bassist was a last-minute replacement, and he kinda sucked. He kept mingling with the bar patrons and bumming smokes while playing, instead of staying on stage like he’s supposed to. But the singer was pretty hot and he knew how to move his hips. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Saturday was chores and errands day. I woke up late, bleary-eyed and groggy, with a deep mental fugue that I haven’t really shaked off yet. I’m probably too old to be up past midnight. And before you even think it, all I had to drink was two raspberry-flavored Smirnoff Ice wine-coolers, so I wasn’t a bit drunk. I was just up too damn late and slept in a bit too long.

Anyway, back to Saturday Chores; I did some dishes. I cleaned the cat box. I bought groceries. I had a small sushi lunch. Then I got home at 2 and wätched t.v. all day with my increasingly needy and senile cat. I also tried drawing a few scantily-clad female muses for my friend Ian but discovered that when one neglects drawing for two years, one forgets how to do the simplest of things. I wasn’t able to do it and need a lot of practice. Sorry, Ian!

On Sunday, I went with my

10 thoughts on “Week of Blatherations: Weekend recap

  1. Fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge, I love fudge. It’s concentrated sugar and fat. I love sugar and fat.

    There is something uniquely special about seeing a garage band in a dive bar.

    1. Unless you have secret powers or technology you never told me about, you cant control the weather, so shouldn’t worry about appologizing for it. I enjoyed your company also, as I always do.

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